Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from QUINCY

Happy Easter, Everybody!

I returned late last night from Toledo, Spain just in time for the Easter feast at 2Truthy’s, where I have a place at the table (thank goodness at it and not ON it.)

After completing my twelve week Espanol immersion course, my two wonderful hosts, Armando and his partner, Dieter, provided me with fabulous meals and a room with my own private entry, ensuring I had every creature comfort of home. They were especially enthusiastic when I insisted on dressing up like a matador each morning before I headed off to class, saying “Oh Quincy, you don’t have to pull out all the stops, they’lll love you just the way you are.” Ole! Even on the third day of class when my instructor hurt my feelings when she said “Oh Quincy, put a fork in it” for wearing my matador costume, my hosts were so supportive. That night at dinner, they made so many terrible, disgusting jokes about that old windbag that I couldn’t even remember why I had my tail in a twist in the first place!

Oh, and let me tell you about my dwellings! First of all, Armando’s grandmother died last year and so he inherited her lovely, multicolored bougainvillea covered residence downtown, just a short stroll to some of their favorite tapas restaurants, sandwich joints, churches and a couple of mosques. The location was perfect.

While traveling around Spain, it was great to see how much the people there -- just like in other mildly exotic places like Turkey or Poland --- get along well without Americans, who just have this sense that the most advanced and civilized place on earth is the United States and it’s simply just not true. For instance, right before Armando’s grandmother died, she had one of those
advanced toilets from Japan installed that has three different ways of aiming the water jets depending on what you want cleaned!

Anyway, not only did I learn to roll my “rrr’s” and to affect the Castilian “t” lisp, but I really enjoyed watching cable news at night with Armando and Dieter, which was a whole lot of fun because every time Hillary or Barack would be on, they would laugh and laugh. In Spain, everybody laughs their heads off about the election here and don’t understand why anybody would seriously take Hillary OR Barack for president. The Spanish say they are both “banditos” who only care about their donors and not the people. They call them “El Laurelo y La Hardy” with mucho gusto, laughing and laughing…(Guess which one is Laurel and which one is Hardy?) HAHA!

I’ve got to go now and help with the brown sugar sauce for the ham and make a few phone calls before dinner. Don’t worry, I’ll be having a specially prepared, vegetarian roulade in solidarity with my agrarian “Pigs for Peace” conservation movement. If anyone would care to donate, just write to 2Truthy and she will tell you her address where to send money.

Adios Amigos!


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