Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer: Client #9

-2Truthy nominates Jennifer Anniston and Ashton Kutcher to star in the Spitzer Saga-

In the above photo, Silda Spitzer stands by her former prosecutor-turned governor-turned ex-John turned –ex-governor schmuck who paid big time Howard Huges bucks for diamond studded prostitution services from the Emperors Club for what looks like the very last time.



I booked a hooker from the Emperors Club
And after that I hit the Mayflower pub
Three-diamond whore Kristen had a really good time
Sellin’ pricey booty to CLIENT NUMBER NINE.

I’ve been the governor since 2006
That’s when I started boffin’ real hot chicks
Completely paid for by the New York taxpayers dime
“Wham-bam-thank you mam” shouted CLIENT NUMBER NINE.

I wire transferred the loot and said I was George Fox
The FBI wiretapped me and they punched my clock
I made her ride on Amtrack not the Acela rail
For $4300 bucks excluding tip -- That’s when I got nailed!

I didn’t know if it was day or night
Silda told me “go and fly a fucking kite”
See, when I kissed ‘three-diamond whore’ the very last time
My prison jumpsuit’s gonna read ‘CLIENT NUMBER NINE.’



Mel Toast said...

Nice job on The Searchers parody. What a great song, by the way.

"I held my nose. I closed my eyes. I took a drink."

Sounds like the process by which most people vote.

2Truthy said...

Hey thanks, Mel. I couldn't find "The Searchers" when I posted this so I had to stick with the many people must have been embedding CLIENT #9 the other day:)

The Hollies' version is crisper than this one but damn, The Searchers are classic!

Jersey Cynic said...

FANtastic tt!!!

LOL mel!

2Truthy said...

Hey JC! I've gotta figure out how to do mash ups.