Friday, March 28, 2008

AT&T CEO/Feudal Slave Lord: Profile in Hubris and Greed

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

A Mel Toast Exclusive

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL AT&T CEO says hard to find skilled U.S. workers. In an urgent request for Congress to drop-kick the scheming, greedy ass of Bill Gates straight out the door along with his demand to open up the flood gates for more cheap labor and unemployment amongst America’s educated professionals, Michigan Avenue’s own MEL TOAST issued the following urgent communiqué to 2Truthy:


This guy's picture (Randall Stephenson, above) deserves a huge bull's eye over it on your website, don't you think?Where is this asshole recruiting from when he says 50 percent of high school students drop out, cities like Gary, Indiana? And why doesn’t he recruit from towns like Munster, for example? Because he would have to pay them too much.

End the BULLSHIT that America does not have qualified workers. America has plenty of qualified workers with college degrees from great universities but they cannot work for the starvation wages AT&T (and others) pay its slaves in India.

Smash the New Feudal Slave Lords!
End the BULLSHIT now!
Call 1-800-END-BULL today!



Citizen Carrie said...

TooTruthy, great minds think alike! I was working out the kinks in my own blog post about Stephenson and noticed that you already posted about him.

Mel Toast is one sharp guy, isn't he?

Patrick said...

Dear Citizen Carrie,

I am heartened by the fact that there is at least one other human being out there who sees the man behind the curtain, the devil without his horns, the priest with the barely concealed scabbard between his unholy legs. Let us not allow these people to dismember our nation. These corporate leviathans have perverted the original notion of E PLURIBUS UNUM (from many, one). For them it does not mean that people have come to America from many nations in order to achieve common goals, to achieve consensus and to share a common ideal. For the New American Executive our nation's motto has become a cheap slogan they use to hawk their products and services worldwide. A slogan that says: "from many poor people, one rich bastard."


Melvin Toast

2Truthy said...

Hehe, Mel's pissed.

Even the non-techies are starting to finally get the fact that it isn't just engineering that's getting sold down the river...(Don't get me started about the nursing 'shortage'.)

Mister "Randall (one "l" isn't good enough)Bicycle Shorts" Stephenson can't get enough burnt fries. Mel nails this asthmatic fratboy for all he's worth.

Citizen Carrie said...

I'm honored to meet you, Patrick/Mel Toast. Here's a story about one of TooTruthy's international sociopaths.

If the link doesn't want to work, go to Google News, punch in "Larryland" and look for the story about Oracle's Larry Ellison's $3 million tax break on his California mansion.

2Truthy said...

Oh man. (This place is more like museum than a home.)

The kids of Larry's neighbors/pals in the next town over of Portola Valley are all asking daddy and mommy if "uncle Larry" will ever be invited over again if he doesn't fork over that $3M to the district where it belongs. Believe me, he will.