Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama's Gravest Sin on the Philadelphia Pulpit

"They laugh alike they walk alike at times they even talk could lose your mind... with HilBama, they're two of a kind!"
"Why do working class people vote Republican? Isn't that like the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders?" -Roseanne Barr
Obama's  Philadelphia "landmark" speech on race was very moving and compassionate as he articulated the pain of racial inequality and how the nation must transcend racial prejudice. And then he lost me, not by what he said but what he didn’t say. Ah, the sins of omission…Throughout his compelling “world” this and “global” that laced calls for “unity” to bridge racial “divisiveness, where was the “meat”? Where was the part about how we must unite right here at home against the corporate blowhards and politicians responsible for (what should be the criminal) the growing lack of ACCESS citizens of all colors are increasingly facing in this race to the bottom? Listening to his speech, I was struck by how much Obama blew his golden moment to truly distance himself from Hillary. 
Despite what was undeniably a personal moment of upscale “hey muthafuckas, we’re all in this thing together”, Obama did little to change his steadfast persona of a joined at the hip follower of Hillary and their corporate welfare masters. And all we wound up with was more of the same. Obama’s now retired pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright not only nailed the whole ROWG oppressive theme to a fault, but raised the question the media dare not raise: WHO exactly are all these elites who are selling out our jobs, making it increasingly difficult to get access to healthcare, healthy food, decent schools and living conditions? I was born in Chicago and lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood where Obama lives.
Although Hyde Park is indeed an upscale neighborhood, there is extreme poverty within a matter of a few blocks surrounding it that makes all but a hardened bigot not cringe when you see the gross inequity/inequality in how black citizens are living. Backroom deals between Chicago's wealthy real estate developers and crooked politicians committed to gaming the system to keep a growing class of Americans down has left Pastor Wright and his congregation with the right to be pissed off and mad as hell. Could the Pastor’s speech have come off as "hey, let's hate whitey?" Sure. But let's be clear: if the message was "let's hate whitey", its roots are in mired in "let's hate the greedy bastards who were related to those other murderous bastards who, in the past, hung our ancestors, denied us our dignity, humanity and civil rights, and now prevent us from getting ACCESS to jobs and healthcare as they draft our kids for cannon fodder in their illegal wars for personal profiteering" which I believe are all plausible. But the Illinois Senator and presidential candidate Obama is disingenuous; like Hillary, his backers (Businessman and Google board member Al Gore to name one of many) are the very same elite and wealthy players who are lobbying Congress to raise or eliminate the H-1b visa cap which harms educated middle class Americans.   
While Obama grandstanded about race in Philadelphia, he was oddly silent about the growing lack of access for educated middle class Americans black, white, yellow, red, brown, blue and pink --- who are increasingly being discriminated against by  an elitist class that is hell-bent on turning this country into a third world nation. How long will this presidential race divide Democrats into 'Pink and Black' before the whole Party implodes? I really find all of this faux sincerity and posturing horribly boring, when BOTH candidates have pledged to stick it to the non-portfolio class or the cadre of white collar Americans who love Obama's latte sotto voce and will charge their AMEX cards to purchase a row of seats to go hear Caroline Kennedy speak at the San Jose Performing Arts Center next month about Kool-Aid stories from outer space in a renewed effort to resurrect Michael Jackson’s 1980’s rendition of "We are the World"… In other words, the twins, HilBama are so alike when it comes to their elitist backers and their pledge to get rid of our middle class at the behest of their corporate, one world masters that neither one deserves the media spotlight they will keep receiving. Both know that aside from growing international tensions, the real issues affecting Americans are the economy and disappearing jobs and healthcare. They know it and you, dear reader, know it. 
BOTH are backed by Tech and Wall Street money whose vested interests are to flood Corporate America with cheap labor from the third world at the expense of our middle/upper middle class citizen taxpayers while they ditch the dollar. As the transparent Clinton supporter, Taylor Marsh says in her blog post entitled “Obama’s Grandmother ‘Typical White Person’, I completely agree with her that Hillary could never get away with uttering the phrase "typical black person" as did Obama. Taylor cuts straight to the point about Obama having his cake and eating it, too. But when it comes to pledging to triple or eliminate the H-1B visa cap responsible for the massive numbers of unemployed white collar professionals and reduced wages, devoting an entire speech to the concept of racial divide without pledging to stand up for Americans first and not the corporate welfare backers was Obama’s great sin during his speech at the pulpit in Philadelphia. 
Barack Obama is very cozy with the GOOGLE crew (Businessman Gore on the board) where BOTH candidates pledged at their Mountain View, CA HQ to further lynch American white collar prospects for cheaper imported labor by increasing H-1b's. Just like Hillary. No difference. When bloggers go along with the same old same old “I’ll follow the money just like the candidates do” style of football politics by making arguments in support of corporate welfare candidates devoid of issues affecting the livelihoods of the majority of the country, little is done other than to promote the viral marketing brand of Kool-Aid progressive politics that differs little from Republican lite, if at all. Everybody will be blue collar workers…The ONLY reason Hillary is eeking by as a 'champion of the blue collar worker' is because she has had years of experience doing backroom deals with unions and is the co-chair of the Senate India Caucus (I guess you could call that a “union”) responsible for REDUCING wages for educated American graduates by replacing them with third world students/workers ala Alan Greenspan's "INCOME EQUALITY" formula for turning this country into a caste system nation of have and have nots. At the rate these two are going, blue collar paydays will be de rigeur.  With very little exception, the corporate lobbyist sponsored blueprint for looting middle class Americans of jobs and pensions in favor of cheap imported labor is on a roll. Hillary and Barack are candidates working for elitist backers who BOTH have only said how they will FURTHER kick down middle class Americans by supporting the elitist corporate welfare backed H-1B visa cap increase instead of stopping the flood of cheap imported "skilled" workers.  Obama’s speech paid lip service to ROWG resentment being not unlike black resentment:
 "In fact, a similar anger exists within segments of the white community. Most working- and middle-class white Americans don't feel that they have been particularly privileged by their race. Their experience is the immigrant experience--as far as they're concerned, no one's handed them anything, they've built it from scratch. They've worked hard all their lives, many times only to see their jobs shipped overseas or their pension dumped after a lifetime of labor." 
The above quote is important in that Obama (while indicating the cheap imported labor problem harms both blue collar and white collar Americans) does not take a stand against it. I can only hope that after hearing Obama’s speech, the rest of America (at least the Democrats) will wake up and see that American citizens need a leader who cares about the lives of both the poor and educated middle class Americans whose jobs are being handed away to cheap and "best and brightest" (HA) imported labor.  as I've said over and over again: "It's Not the Economy, Stupid. It's YOUR JOB!" -2Truthy


Citizen Carrie said...

The candidates are afraid of the middle class because we can see what's really happening and we're not afraid to tell the world. That's why the politicians and business elites spend millions of dollars on disinformation campaigns to try to force everyone into thinking that they are the only ones who know what's good for us.

2Truthy said...

There seems to be a prerequisite for moving beyond the golden ropes of the "Department of Disinformation" and it looks like "shit for brains" is at the top of the list, right under "sycophant" and "sociopath".

Anonymous said...

My take on this is Obama's major donors (and those who surround themselves with him)have other plans for the military budget. Other plans that would benefit his major funding sources, of course, but not the populace. Could this be at odds with what the "old pros" Billary/McCain know something about? Funny, but when Hillary hinted that Obama could be her vice president, I thought of McCain first.

2Truthy said...

anon, So much for the distinction between repubs and democrats... Ted Kennedy has endorsed Obama, and John McCain authored the McCain/Kennedy bill that would open up the floodgates for more H-1b immigration during this time of disappearing white colllar jobs.

Citizen Carrie said...

I'm starting to see references to McCain, Clinton and Obama online, or "McClob".

2Truthy said...

McClob! I love it!

We are moving right along from the Dem two headed candidate, HilBama to the three-headed One Big Money party McClob!

And now with some yakky talk about Bloomberg in a love fest with Barry, I guess that means there is no real distinction after all between the two parties (insert sarcasm here.)