Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Power of Heavy Make-Up

(Eternal thanks to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas)
Once in a while, everyone feels like they have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. But if you're ever feeling a little dowdy, make this your desktop wallpaper and you'll be back to feeling like a million fucking bucks in no time...
I must admit, they ALL look positively smashing in the "after" shots but this old Madonna fan declares the former bad girl entertainer from the Motah Cit-ay leader of the pack!


Citizen Carrie said...

Pretty scary stuff, huh?

I love the video! I'll always take the Vandellas over The Supremes any day.

2Truthy said...

Why does Madonna's lower face look all crumply and dimply? I think that might be fallout from a bad chin job or two with lipo gone wrong...Just sayin...

Make that TWO Vandellas fans over Supremes any day!

2Truthy said...

Specifically, Madonna has gone through at least two chin implants over the years as far as I can tell.

She looked cuter and more distinct with her old squarish chin in her Borderline/Desperately Seeking Susan Days when I thought she really rocked.

Jersey Cynic said...

tt- I have always blamed Madonna for any advance that the woman's movement may have continued to accomplish. I truly believe she screwed up a lot of young innocent girls and set the stage for what we have now in the way of female "PoP" stars. the fact that she won't even let her children watch TV says it all. I think she epitomizes sleaze. I do like some (not much) of her music. ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME??????? - oh don't EVEN get me started.

THANK YOU for this post. Can't wait to show my daughter. Not that they need to feel good about themselves (I take care of that), but I just love every chance I can find to point out how the PTB shoves these fantasy women in our faces. I do let my kids watch TV - wish I didn't - but I turn it into a learning tool to show what life is REALLY all about.

I do make them turn america's next top model off though whenever it's on. seems like it's available to watch 24/7

Makes me sick to my stomach to see the demise of the american woman.

I really don't believe we've come a long way baby.

2Truthy said...

Hey JC!

Madonna and "Rock" music? Huh? WTF? Did they mean CROCK & ROLL?

As the mother of one son and no daughters, I do hear these creepy stories from other moms about taking their daughters to plastic surgeons for boob jobs before they go off to college! (As if there's EVER a 'right' time for any woman to electively cut into and mutilate their bodies...)

I hear ya on the Madonna role model stuff. Madonna has evolved into a caricature of herself by taking her flirtation with exhibitionism so far over the top that you can no longer see the gritty, tough Detroit-girl feminist that she used to project back in the Borderline days. She lost me after that. By the time she did Truth or Dare, she was over.

Last summer, I saw Madonna perform during the Live Earth concert on a huge video screen at a Move On party and she blew me away -- not her singing (although she has great vocal coaches) or her tired old exhibitionist routine but her DANCING!!! the girl knows how to move and mug the camera. I took modern dance and jazz for years and could never put it together like she does.