Sunday, March 16, 2008


-Roisin Dubh (Dark Rosaleen)-

If you're not wearing green today, you must be a big POLLOCK! Get back in there and find something green to put on...After work, go find an Irish pub, sacrfice your livers, and start singing!

On St. Patrick's Day, if we weren't wearing something green before departing to our Catholic grade school overrun by Polish nuns and priests, my dear Irish mother wouldn't let us out of the house on St. Patrick's Day, the most seriously fun holiday next to Christmas of the year! (My mom would start speaking and singing in Gaelic and cook something for dinner really smelly known as "smoked butt" which my brothers and I could not stand, much preferring to order out Chinese, opting for the Peking Duck with plenty of plum sauce...)

Click on "Roisin Dubh" above and listen to a beautiful Gaelic traditional Irish song. (Here's to you, Bridie and Nan.)

Erin go Bragh!



Citizen Carrie said...

OOOOH, I had to scour the closets to find enough green to send people out to work and school today. I was successful, and no one got pinched.

Hope you're having a great St. Patrick's Day!

2Truthy said...

Good for you! Everyone's an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day! (Now to find something red for tomorrow...)