Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barack Obama means "Flash Fucker"

Does Barry's name mean "Flash Fucker" in some strange, biblical exotic kind of way? Could be!

Today, LWOH pays unadulterated homage to the unrivaled, leading authority on all things The Lightbringer, Joseph Cannon of the one stop-shop for Obama fare, Cannonfire, as he unveils the true meaning behind the name "Barack Obama" in this post entitled "Bam!" Cannon

"strongly suspects that the name Obama derives from the Arabic wabama. In an earlier post, we discovered that "Barack" means lightning, or flash.Thus, "Barack Obama" means "Flash Fucker." I'm not kidding. You may, however, prefer the more Zeus-ian "Father of Lightning." Or maybe the more disco-fied "Electric Daddy."


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