Sunday, November 9, 2008

Michelle Obama: First Lady of the FDA or Cruise Ship Inspection

(photo credits Jossip)
New DC Private School for Obama Girls?

-Michelle and Barry Exiting Chicago's Spiaggia Restaurant-
"There was a time when we used to say
Behind every great man there had to be a great woman."
-Click HERE for the First Lady of Soul, Aretha Franklin with Annie Lennox-

Chicago, IL Oh, those silly socialist lovebirds…choosing pricey, elitist private schools can be such a collosal pain, but what is an historic First Couple-Elect to do when everybody knows that DC public schools are notoriously shitty and nothing but a bunch of violent hellholes?

Stepping out last night to on Michigan Avenue and Oak with the president-elect for a cozy dinner at Chicago’s infamous Spiaggia CafĂ©, Michelle Obama, sporting a black monotone dress/overcoat ensemble with striking black boots looked ab-fab stunning and radiant, proving to the paparazzi that she’s more than capable of fashion rebounding from her now legendary Nov. 4 red and black Narcissio Rodriguez dress and jacket costume.

We don’t know what the two dined on, but yes, we can say that one simply can not get a bad meal in the Windy City’s finest Italian dining establishment. Yours truly highly recommends the Filetto di Manzo in Crosta yada-yada and the finest Chianti your humble waiter recommends. (Insider tip: Each year Spiaggia is the annual destination spot for a certain wedding anniversary celebration where yours truly once rented out the whole place for one hell of a post-nuptial rollicking good time, food and libation.)

The nation's historic First Black First Lady and wife of this nation’s First Black President, Michelle Obama, says she wants the title of “First Mom” instead. But not unlike another First Lady mom, Hillary, Michelle also does not totally impart the vibe of ordinary “stand by your man” first kind of woman, content to stay home and "bake cookies" and klatch with all of those dreadful and neurotic, school-soccer breeders of the Potomac.

Besides, why should the former Harvard trained lawyer, Mayor Daley insider, U of Chicago Hospital big-whig and mother of two settle for the mere moniker of “First Mom”? How about this: Since nobody else is looking out for the welfare and safety of this nation’s precious cargo, Losing the War on Humor nominates Michelle “I want to be First Mom” Obama as the official enforcer for safety of the nation’s food and drug supply (FDA), starting with the leading favorites of our precious cargo -- candy and toys! Should candy and food not be Michelle Obama’s thing, then how about First Lady of Cruise Ship inspection?

And how about appointing Oprah as your official World Health Organization Consigliere? True, true, she’s got her day job but in this grotesquely Tom Friedmanesque, flat-world of Poison for the People, Green Food for the Nomenklatura, it’s time to call in the cavalry!

We know that the POTUS job has been the domain of men, so come on, Michelle! Prove that you are more than just a "First Mom" and get out there and start cleaning up the food chain! Do it for the kids! And their parents, too. Joe the Plumber is not gonna do it…
Time for sistas changing it for everyone else?



Citizen Carrie said...

As far as education, I tend to feel that a President of the United States is entitled to a few perks, and I certainly don't mind private schooling for the First Kids.

As far as First Lady, I think that's a very dignified title with a lot of inherent responsibilities that go along with it. I'd be proud to be known as a First Lady (not likely to ever happen), and I would take my duties very seriously. It would be a wonderful learning experience for the Obama daughters to find out that they are not Number 1 in the universe anymore, and they are now in service to their country.

2Truthy said...

Point taken on the Prez perk entitlement thing when it comes to safe and good schools for your kids. I suppose the first Couple are serving as aspirational role models for "what can be" in America? Why shouldn't everyone want that same right, if only in reality the ability to pine for it?

I do believe MO would be no doubt underutilized in a mere "First Mom" role. It would be great to see this smart FL take on a pet project 'with teeth' that would benefit the many.