Sunday, November 23, 2008

President 2.0: Authoritarianism without the incompetence

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(Photo credits/special thanks to Dark Wraith @ The Dark Wraith Forums and
Big Brass Blog)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll cut to the chase: Click HERE to visit The Dark Wraith Forums for an enlarged view of this revealing graphic and insights which depict an "updated" version of what our corporotocracy looks like. The Dark Wraith writes:

"President-elect Obama has formed the Technology, Innovation and Government Reform policy working group to "develop.... proposals and plans from the Obama Campaign for action during the Obama-Biden Administration." So, what kind of people are being put on this important policy formation committee? Among others, Blair Levin, a telecom investment analyst; Julius Genachowski, former chief counsel to FCC Chairman Reed Hundt; and Sonal Shah, head of, which is Google's "global philanthropy" front. That's right: a telecom veteran, an apologist for a federal agency that has let Right-wing corporatists consolidate control of the American media, and a bigwig shill for an emerging global monopolist. Yes, indeed. These are just the kinds of people we want advising the government on reform and government implementation of technology. Someone please drown out my laughter by chanting something about Obama and that Hope-'n-Change stuff."

Of particular interest are insiders Genachowski and of note, former Goldman Sachs alumnus, Shah:

Julius Genachowski is described as

“a former law school classmate of Obama's and an active and early member of the campaign, has been talked about as a candidate for the nation's first chief technology officer or FCC chairman. He is (sic) venture capitalist, the co-founder of Rock Creek Vetnrues (sic) and LaunchBox Digital. Genachowski also served as a senior executive at IAC/InterActiveCorp, where he was head of business operations.”

To further pave open up the floodgates for more cheap labor from India to take tech jobs from American white collar workers and drive down wages here at home during this time of disappearing white collar jobs, we can trust our new president-elect Obama to ensure that this happens, as Rob Oak of reports "Obama Picks Cheap Labor & Guest Worker Queen Janet Napolitano for DHS!" To potentially help kick to the curb local tech professionals at a brisk pace, Google has the ultimate insider help of Sonal Shah:

“Shah has a lengthy resume on international development issues: prior to joining Google she was a vice president at Goldman, Sachs and Co., developing the firm's environmental policy. She is also the co-founder of Indicorps, a U.S.-based non-profit organization offering one-year fellowships to Indian-Americans to work on development projects in India. Sonal worked at the Department of Treasury from 1995-2002 on various economic issues. She is on the Obama-Biden Transition Project Advisory Board.”



Citizen Carrie said...

Be on the lookout for any signs of the members of the Technology, Innovation and Government Reform group, Obama, Rahm, Napolitano, H. Clinton, Summers, Daschle, Pelosi and Reid jetting off to a weekend retreat somewhere. They'll probably be cooking up the Final Solution to the Middle Class.

2Truthy said...


Have you noticed the uber efficient combination of exceptional swiftness & stealth with which TIGR (tigger) has leapt to the challenge under the Obama administration?

This is the tidy educated, middle class American cleansing project put together a long time ago, just waiting for the "yes we can" electorate to give them the go ahead.

Who in the so-called progressive world is connecting the dots between this collusion between our universities and corporate America's frenzied push (with the help of our well-heeled friends in Congress) to completely sell out our jobs to the third world?

UAE Airlines has been running a radio ad for the last month "Non-stop service between SF and Dubai begins December 15"....

Now, who precisely is going to Dubai in numbers these days around here?

Let me see now... our neighborhood Sand Hill Road is home to Silicon Valley's latest BFF's to the sheiks. Not to mention, Dubai is now the "hot spot" for dumping useless dollars, hey?

And who WOULDN'T want to go skiing in December indoors in the middle of a Gulf State desert? Dubai makes Vegas look like the Tenderloin and when where there is glitz and buzz and sycophant trappings, elitists too much bad taste and money will follow.

Heaven help us. The drawbridge has been pulled and we have good old Al, the progressive hero to both the stars and clueless plebes and crew to thank for giving the jack boot to the citizens of this country who earned college degrees from our top universities, worked hard and followed the rules.

Citizen Carrie said...

I've also noticed how quickly Obama is naming his top aides. Am I mistaken, or were we all terribly worried at how long it took for Bill Clinton to name his underlings when he took office? Quite a contrast between the two Dems.

2Truthy said...


Good point. The pressure for the last scramble to the trough is on.

Do you think this might have something to do with the fact that Obama has taken more money from WALL STREET than any other politician? And now he’s turning to some of the same stooges who created our economic crisis to *get us out of it*?