Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time to Beef up the FDA

-China to America: Eat that Shit or we Shoot this Dog-

Of all the new hope and change directives that the Obama administration should prioritize and deliver on, how about the safety of our food supply?

Msnbc.msn reports today that

“the FDA has nowhere near the number of inspectors to fulfill that desire, and instead mainly relies on U.S. food companies to require that their foreign supplier maintain high standards.”

Standard formula: Fox guards chicken coop. Mwahahahahhaaaaa...

Last year, LWOH reported here about all that poisonous people and baby food, dog food, lead tainted toys and all kinds of crap coming in here unregulated, with little to zero oversight. Nothing new, only more people are getting sick from melamine tainted food products only now we have a brand, spanking new president to hopefully direct the resources to ensure safety of this nation’s food supply.

Not only that, but now we implore the nation’s new self-described “First Mom” Michelle Obama, to do something constructive M-F for the plebes and aid this effort while the girls are away at their private, elite boarding school, as we reported last week here.


straggo said...

I like your suggestion.If the first mom won't lead on safe food, how about single payer insurance for U.S. residents?

Most physicians want this, but sadly, your new president has too many friends to give favors to.

2Truthy said...

Thanks, but somehow, the title of "First Mom" looks ominous.

Thirty years ago, the title of "First Lady" was derided as women (rightfully so) wanted to get out into the workforce instead of sit around home and bored with the kids.

But now, with corporate elites selling out all of those white collar jobs, I have to find MO's decision to be "First Mom" cynical as she attempts to make the role of out of work, educated American women look "en vogue."

Nope, I say "First Mom" is a hustle.

Citizen Carrie said...

Makes perfect sense to me. Cut U.S. inspectors and move food production overseas where no one can possibly find out what they're grinding up and throwing in with the rest of the sausages.

I think MO is falling into that trap where a First Lady has to be uber-feminine in order to avoid the horrible fate of the manly Hillary First Ladyship. I've never known of a more shrinking violet First Lady than Laura Bush. I think even Pat Nixon and Mamie Eisenhower had more of a national presence.

2Truthy said...


Don't you think the days of the working woman appearing butch are a thing of the past? I agree that Hillary took a hit for asserting her education and IQ to impart an active role during Bill's ride. But that was years ago, and I think it would be retro, especially after the anemic, do nothing Laura Bush, for a smart, educated and experienced professional woman like MO to take the title "First Mom".

How about "First Woman"?