Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Prince of Perfume: Quincy Rates The Former Purple One's New Scent "3121"


The 411 On Prince’s New Perfume “3121”

Hello Everybody, It’s me, QUINCY.

PRINCE THE PERFUMER? That’s right. If the former Purple One otherwise known as PRINCE can become a Jehovah’s Witness, then I suppose that ANYTHING is possible. And guess what? It is, because Prince the Performer is now Prince the Perfumer so I am going to buy some just as soon as it comes out on July 7th because that will complete my new IMAGE that was inspired by Rudy Giuliani (see above photo).
I snorted a sample of "3121" when I had lunch with one of the Police roadies and it was so smelled just like a cross between Fritos and barbecue sauce mixed in with a little Lemon Pledge!

What do you think of the pearls? Anyway, have you ever noticed how much Rudy is just like Prince? They are really a lot alike. Prince is basically a very versatile entertainer, just like Rudy, when he changes his mind about looking and dressing like a lady and gets in big trouble over oxycontin and blow and things

and most of all, like everybody else, they both want to smell good after they get sweaty after a long night of interviews and performances.
Yeah Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy the perfume, everybody!


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