Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Joan Baez Banned from Walter Reed Hospital Performance

-Joan Baez Performed at Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington D.C. 2005-

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

WASHINGTON- Folk singer and anti-war activist Joan Baez says she doesn't know why she was not allowed to perform last month for recovering soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as she planned. But according to John Mellencamp, whose management invited Baez to perform in March,

"They didn't give me a reason why she couldn't come. We asked why and they said, 'She can't fit here, period.' "

In a letter to The Washington Post published Wednesday, she said rocker John Mellencamp had asked her to perform with him last Friday and that she accepted his invitation.

Joan Baez She had been banned from performing as planned at Walter Reed Hospital, despite the fact that she has always been an advocate of nonviolence. How 'fitting.'




soma said...

Baez "can't fit?"


Anonymous said...

Too bad for the vets, she is a great live performer.