Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Nonsense Poopypants!" Duke Study Confirms Tech Industry Sells Out Educated Americans for Cheap Labor

NPR Reveals Duke Study

Burnt Fries? Who cares about product quality, when executives and investors can reap personal profits by replacing educated Americans with plenty of cheap, foreign workers by importing H1B's or outsourcing jobs
NPR's Morning Edition, April 30, 2007 · Why are so many engineering jobs being sent overseas and why are so many smart, educated Americans unemployed or underemployed? Leaders of tech companies say the United States does not produce enough engineers. But a Duke University study says the real issueis cheap labor. Click below to listen to Vivek Wadhwa discuss his study's findings
and blamed this downword spiral in quality on "the system." So why are we rewarding "the system" of journalists who fail to report on the backdoor deals between the tech lobby (TechNet) and the Beltway that are selling out America's educated middle class? What rewards do these journalists reap to continue to withhold frontpage headlines that reveal the truth about this economic disaster for tens of millions of our educated professionals? When will we hold our elected officials accountable over this smooch-fest between greedy executives and politicians?
MSM Journalists need to start framing this issue with headlines such as:
-What are those 17,000 laid off Citigroup employees up to now?
-Why are the Democrats handing the populist message over to Republican Lou Dobbs?
-WTF is Nancy Pelosi doing by selling out educated American computer scientists by schmoozing with the tech lobby?
-Why do Democrats hate unions and embrace "so called" Free Trade?
Just a start.


Anonymous said...

The Duke Study is only one of several that Democratic candidates can use. So why aren't any of them?

dang said...

It is not just tech jobs but healthcare, education and journalism that are being handed over to foreign workers. If we can have consumer protections LOL why can't we have job protections that prioritize our own citizens first?
That is why we have a government LOL, right?

sfray said...

another way to ask the question is to ask how many people do you know are overpaid?

Anonymous said...

Lou Dobbs is a Republican who is speaking to the populist majority of the country while the only thing Pelosi and Congress are doing is sucking up to corporate power and speaking out against the war. I am an anti-war Democrat and anti corporate power but the Democrats have turned into Republicans over the past decade and are allowing the Right to take over their platform. Everyone says this election will be a slam dunk for the Democrats, but the Republicans are going to have this election handed to them by the majority who have had enough of corporate power if they don't get stand up to the lobbyists.

Srinivash said...

What is wrong with cheap labour tootroothy? I live in India where we wrk chep and can tell you know who to make case against it. many talk yes it true buut we value every job to grow economy.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Citgroup layoffs? Most of them were IT workers (big distinction between computer scientists and IT!) with minimal skills yet they are being touted in the media as if they were highly educated.Your article discusses the more experienced and educated class of professionals who do face dwindling prospects.