Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maria Shriver Does the Google AND Goes on Oprah

Maria Shriver Does the Google AND Goes on Oprah
“You can never be too rich or too thin.” –Nan Kempner

This is so sweet. Just when Arnold Schwarzenegger (wearing Governor’s hat) plans to kill prison inmates on death row in a kinder, gentler manner


his wife, Maria Shriver, (who makes more claims to JFK than his humble daughter Caroline) made an appearance yesterday to Google. Who ever said business, “popping out” kids and politics don’t mix? Read


What IS the job description, anyway, of the First Lady? By the looks of things, it is to fly via private jet to Google HQ in Mountain View.

Here is something exciting…Are you a multi-talented and wealthy, high profile mom? Even if you’re not, our 21st century MSM will have you believing it, as you too can participate (however passively) in a special Mother’s Day interview with California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver and Demi Moore on Oprah! Pull up a chair, pretend you're there and click below:


Now watch real multimillionaire Hollywood moms stare into the camera and prove to us their invincibility while Maria Shriver interviews Demi Moore, who reveals in an electrifying moment that she never wanted to be like her mother! Indeed, you can never be too rich or too thin.


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