Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why Congress Threw the Anti-War Left Under the Bus

"Sayonara, Amigos! Wiedersein! Hit the Road!"
-Congressonal Democrats to their Base, May 2008-
**Submitted to LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR by Victor L. Giancarlo, Los Angeles, CA
Why Congress caved to Bush
by Patrick J. Buchanan
My views and opinions are not often shared by one Patrick J. Buchanan but this article provides remarkable insight into the motivations that lured our Democratic Congress to flip us all off on pulling out of Iraq. In this article, Buchanan describes a cowardly lot of politically charged Democrats who never had any plans other than for our beleagured troops to stick around in Iraq indefinitely so that the Democrats would look TOUGH.
If there is any lesson to be learned from this, it would be for the Liberal Left to finally wake up and see that the War on Iraq is no different than the War on the Middle Class. It is time for the Left to start protesting the corrupt and greedy CEO's and their elitist friends at both the local and national levels for, after all, we always knew the Iraq war was never about anything else but control of the oil fields and profits READ
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Anonymous said...

There is not now nor has there ever been any intention on the parts of the dem politicians (who are sponsored by corporate coffers) to leave Iraq. I do not understand how the antiwar movement could miss this.

rorke said...

Our poor troops will keep dying for the profits of a few, for, what I am afraid will be a long time.Your comparison of the Iraq war to the war on the middle class is interesting.When you think about how much energy antiwar activists put into Iraq while they ignore disappearing jobs,where are those protesters when it comes to standing up for themselves and their families?