Sunday, May 6, 2007

Toxic Medicine in Panama Traced to China

“Bullshit is the Opiate of the People”

Forget about the poppies, Lunesta, or a decent line of coke…This country is down to recreational bullshit. Consumer protections are now a luxury -- the new diamond and rose gold Rolex in this War on the Middle Class.

How do We the People wean ourselves from our sleep-induced addiction to corrupt government and legions of greedy corporate executives who sell us out under the banner of “Free-Trade” and “Globalization”?

A sack of poisoned pet food here, a sprinkling of toxic medicine there and voila! Recipe for eradication of ehm, “free-trade super-power undesirables” without even pulling a trigger. As a Beijing business sold counterfeit chemical that killed dozens of people in Panana

after it was used in medicine, Sunday’s NY Times reports that a Chinese factory was the source of a counterfeit chemical that killed dozens of people in Panama after it was used in human medications. The Times said investigators in four countries identified Taixing Glycerine Factory as the maker of the poison. Meanwhile, the FDA believes that the pet food melamine poisoning was intentional (watch video)

COUNTERFEIT chemical? WTF? Under what conditions, pray tell, would a Chinese company manufacture a chemical that would earn the honorable distinction of being “counterfeit”? Never mind. Too much thinking. Best to take it up with my local representatives…maybe at the next Town hall meeting? Oh wait – where is my Town hall? I’ve got it! Our captains of industry who have already built their own bunkers and employ their own taste testers, like Nero before each meal, can arrange a special food and medicine pass for We the People to purchase (at a premium of course, like the special Airport Security bypass the TSA hassle upgrade) that will guarantee an “extra level” of security to make us all feel safe, as we sleepily chant the mantra “profits over people.”

Consumer protections are now a luxury, the new diamond and rose gold Rolex in this War on the Middle Class.


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Anonymous said...

Also, China is still getting away with exporting poison labeled as food.

Fake protein (made in China from coal!) killed pets in the US. It now has now been fed to fish in the US. Fish from fish farms. Fish that we are eating.

And the US goverment refuses to say what farms got the fake feed. I doubt if the goverment has even take steps to prevent this from happening again. Let alone even complain to the Chinese government.