Friday, May 18, 2007

Liars and Spinners and Big Money People

"You're a Pedantic, Pontificating, Pretentious Bastard. And a Worthless, Steaming Pile of Cow Dung."
-Jim Carrey, LIAR LIAR

Senate Negotiators Announce Immigration Deal
Anyone on the Left feeling a little righteous indignation and ready to stand up to the corporate welfare Big Money People yet? Not sure what to say? (Watch video)
While the Senate and Big Business have the last laugh as they keep the immigration debate focused on the poor of neighboring Mexico seeking legal immigration as they work to sell out millions of our professional white collar jobs in tech and journalism, a bipartisan group of Senate negotiators announced yesterday that they had reached "broad agreement" on comprehensive immigration reform, clearing the way for floor debate to begin Monday.
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lastudent said...

You and a handful of blogs write about the this scam.Why not others?The blogs that claim to be liberal are silent or scared or stupid or sucking up or all of the above.This whole charade of immigration border "reform" is just a distraction to take the media's and public attention off the big picture of disappearing middle class jobs with the h1b visa removal of caps.Why even make "amnesty removal" an issue for starving immigrants?They are already here. Leave them alone and let them assimilate work, pay taxes and drive cars.

The real immigration "reform" must be focused on Indian labor and halting or reducing (not "unlimited" like Bill
Gates and crew demand) the importation of millions of people hib who want our jobs.Who's Senate is this that is selling us out?When is our Senate going to get off the teat of the fat CEOS and put us first? Where arethose "reforms"?Thanks for spreading the word.Either the Kos and HuffPost readers are all self-made or they're completely out of touch with what is happening right here as our wages continue to decline and jobs disappear.

noelle said...

Yes, WHY DOES the media keeps the subject of immigration centered on Mexico and NOT India? Sneaky and yet many Democrats, which I am one, follow ths H1B corporatist propaganda because they trust these thieves? These are two entirely different immigration issues and reading Sirota blog should be required reading for all students and citizens of this country seeking college educations and professional jobs.

Don't you want to see ONE talking head (other than Dobbs!)expose this mockery called "immigration reform"? The only thing it is designed to accomplish is to bring unlimited numbers of Indians to take our jobs.Do the democrats honestly think Ted Kennedy and lobbyist frineds care about Mexican immigrants or the border? No, Kennedy is in the pocket of big business and this whole reform is a wake up call to the left to protest as vigorously as Iraq!

ck said...

This really is a bipartisan screw job for most Americans since corporations have the sleazy dems like Kennedy and usuaal Repub thugs in their pockets so 2trooty,thanks for the witty and funny insights.

Corrupt Mexican gov't officials, our gov't and corporations with the pro-corporate WTO are to blame, not the poor of Mexico.I have travelled to Puebla (Nike plant) and Michoacuan and there is no industry other than agriculture and people living in poverty.There is NOTHING there for them to do and consequently their gov't encourages them to come here to work for slave wages; WIN-WIN for sleazy corporate profits and lazy/corrupt Mexican elites. YOur blog has alot of excellent posts on how the Democrats are just as much to blame as Bushchimp, and I agree we have to unite against th3we corporate assholes and the Democratic whores like Pelosi and Kennedy etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Mexico is not the "problem", nor are people from anywhere else. It is the corporations that are the problem like you say;they have bought our politicians and we are to blame for our lost jobs and healthcare because we democrats won't protest this.

Anonymous said...

msm huffpost is also keeping up the illusion that this debate is all about Mexico and is pro-outsouricng and h1b. nobody is going to enforce anything at that border and the pols know is the public that are suckered into thinking they are being given "a voice" when its all about high paying jobs being sold are right,pols and ceos are all having the last laughon this "reform."

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right about the calculated omissions from the media. huffpost has a an news article up with this great response:

Dear LA Times Editor,
The long front page article about the pending H1B law on immigration was focused on the problems of undocumented workers in the US. Until I heard it reported n the Jim Lehrer News Hour yesterday I was unaware of the issues concerning Federal law H1B which was not mentioned in the LA Times article. Why not? The Republican propaganda bragging about the low unemployment rate neglects to address the impact of H1B of highly qualified American technicians including engineers and scientists who are unemployed by American business in favor of foreign technicians who work for 50% or less of established American pay scales. It's no wonder that four year US college enrollments for degrees in computer science and the like are, and have been, dropping for years. Moreover Republicans in Congress are now attempting to double the cap on the number of foreign technicians allowed into the US for a minimum period of six years employment in the US. It must be obvious that while US employers' profits will continue to increase as a result of this law (and executive income will get larger and larger) , the average US worker's income will continue to drop. One doesn't have to be an economist to figure this out. I, for one, would like to know for how long consumers can continue to pay higher and higher prices for goods and services with lower incomes (I believe this is called inflation) before the merry-go-round grinds to a stop.
Don Barnett (LA Times subscriber)
5440 Riviera Ave.
Banning,CA 92220
Tel; 951 845 2656

terremc said...

NPR today interviewed Kyle (AZ-R)and they discussed the need for "unskilled labor" (i.e. Mexico) which amounts to roughly 70% of visas. When the interviwer asked Kyle his stance on whether or not we need any more MORE "skilled" workers (India) he babbled about corporation wanting to "keep costs down" and how "we'll have to see the language." Oh right...the LANGUAGE.

Unless the Democrats own an anti-h1b and outsouricng position, the republicans can steal(legitimately this time) the election based on a
PR propaganda push by the media to protect corporations.

Short answer on immigration: Most Americans would welcome cheap labor from Mexico but not from India and China which obviously drives down earnings (or worse, job loss) and cuts into the fabric of the country, the middle/upper middle class.

I don't believe that there is not ONE single candidate embracing this issue yet, for that candidate would win in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

When I hear the phrase: "Jobs Americans won't take"--I SCREAM!

These are code words. They sound reasonable, but they are all about F*U, the American worker.

I'll give you "jobs Americans won't take." How about Brain Surgeon for miminum wage?? That makes these Pols do the victory dance.

OH, but you say, there are jobs American's won't take. OK. How about Cesspool cleaner? That's a LOCK, RIGHT? How about Cesspool cleaner, paying $500/hour. I can see the line now.