Thursday, May 3, 2007

Flights of Sycophancy and the Diseased Body Politic

Flights of Sycophancy and the Diseased Body Politic

PAGING DR. SAWBONES: Emergency session or emergency room, we need to start certifying and reviewing self-described Big Money "leaders" like Terry McGraw (McGraw-Hill Publishing) just as we do surgeons.

"Emergency special session?" More shouts of "isolationism?" Sociopaths like McGraw are role models for the rest of the Entitlement Class here in Silicon Valley, Wall St. and the Beltway, where the tech lobby is all over Congress and Nancy Pelosi to sell out millions of our middle class professional jobs to the third world. Why the liberal Democratic support from the average person for Pelosi and Congress while non-Democrats like Lou Dobbs and - ready for this WTF--- Phyllis Schlafly have actually become the leading vocal proponents of populism?

David Sirota recently attended the International Economic Summit held in Butte, Montana last week where he describes the “sheen of hypocrisy” of a few corporate greedsters in action as it relates to the impending class warfare to come

Just when you thought Big Money was Big Daddy, think again, because lawmakers and Big Business “have used special tribunals to force American taxpayers to hand over $1.8 billion."
During the summit, Sirota describes asking McGraw a question, which drew a rambling response that favored Big Money over the People Party. During McGraw's "incoherent" gurglings he muttered " "some people want to use trade policy as foreign policy" which is just more frat -boy sociopath-speak for “we can make it up as we go along and get the average taxpayers to keep funding our tidy scam.” This flim-flam, hack response is the uncertified surgeon's equivalent of not amputating and leaving the gangrene to 'save' the unacceptable response, leaving only a catastrophic outcome for the whole body.

While a number of Democratic sycophants of this smug, mutual admiration society are in support of these sociopaths in exchange for the implicit ‘promise’ of jobs and social affiliation for themselves, the vast majority of American taxpayers are lined up on gurneys in preop, waiting for surgery by hack corporate 'leaders' who have been allowed to practice "business" without the proper license for the last thirty years.

What are Democratic voters doing about it? Name a populist Democratic candidate who is taking on trade issues and corporate governance reform and John Edwards comes to mind. Like other anti-war Democrats, I too applaud Pelosi's stand against the Bush administration's disastrous Iraq war which by now, has been declared DOA by both parties. But the praise stops there. While liberal Democrats choose to ignore this critical issue of economic trade and corporate tax loopholes at home, Democrats are handing over the car keys to Republicans like Dobbs and Schlafly to drive the populist voice over to the Republican platform. Is that what the average liberal Democrat wants? Of course not. But in their emulation of and determination to seek affiliation with the Entitlement Class, the Democratic party won't have a pulse come election time in 2008 because the American People have forked it over for too long, only to be fu**ed over by a few corporate Entitlement Class Democrats and Republicans who are hell-bent on outsourcing/H1B millions of our middle class jobs to the third world by “leaders” who have no conscience.

Like all MSM rags and blogs penned by journalists and bloggers who reap economic gain and derive political connection such as the NY Times and Arianna's tired, however justifiable one-note anti-Bush recycled HuffPo column (hint: pick up the populist message), these MSM media journalists serve no one but themselves and their corporate welfare supporting friends. It’s high time we jumped off the gurney of this broken government system and demand corporate reform and accountability as class warfare calls for us to exhume the Social Contract between the People and our corrupt government.



Anonymous said...

Tootruthy, I like this title since the whole love fest with Washington and big business is SICK!!!They met in a remote place like Butte to hide from urban dwellers who would have started strorming the Bastille if their meeting location was announced. Wow.David Sirota is right when he suggests class warfare is here. Keep writing and thank you!

Anonymous said...

We've little choice but to support Nancy Pelosi although your point is well taken. How do Democrats take the party back when so many are asleep?

przzl said...

Well said. Check out Moyers comment:

We appear to have a government run by remote control from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute. To hell with everyone else: Bill Moyers - PBS Commentator

Anonymous said...

World shortages of water and energy can't stop progress unless governments collaborate.

vassargrl said...

Good point about Dobbs and Schlafly: 2 Republicans who are speaking more truth to power than the Democrats are these days (with exception to Iraq). Why are they so reluctant (Democrats) to stand up to corporate power? Because they want a piece of the corporate greed pie.

maggiemcgraw said...

He gives Irish a bad name.

Anonymous said...

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