Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Does Silicon Valley Need More Visas for Foreigners?

Rajas on Elephants: The Third World's Equivalent to GM's Denali
On any given day I walk past my neighbor's driveway which has a huge SUV parked on it. As one small boy and his mother climb into it, I see them fastening up and pulling out, riding high, like Rajas on Elephants. And as I watch this mighty vessel lumbering down the street, I can't help but wonder about what MOTIVATES people to desire excess...
Like Rajas on Elephants, enter Silicon Valley's ruling elite or a group of ceos and venture capitalists who, with the complicity of Democratic politicians like Nancy Pelosi who should know better and elitist, pro-tech lobby businessmen with ties to the beltway like Gore who are creating the caste system that defines India by selling out millions of our jobs to the third world.
Technology companies' recruitment of foreign workers for jobs in the U.S. continues to create a great deal of tension within the industry. Central to the issue are H-1B visas, which allow U.S. companies to hire dubiously screened college-educated foreign workers in fields like engineering, journalism and physical sciences. The federal government currently awards these work permits but American employers are NOW lobbying Congress to lift the cap entirely. Technology companies' recruitment of foreign workers for highly skilled jobs in the U.S. continues to create a great deal of tension within the industry READ WSJ ARTICLE BELOW
In this article, Ron Hira, an engineer and a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses the problems of the H1b visa scam:
"We all agree Americans must be hired first. The facts are clear that current law doesn't even come close to meeting this principle -- H-1B workers can be preferred over U.S. workers and can even displace U.S. workers. Hopefully, the immigration reform bills that will soon be introduced will follow the straightforward principle that Americans should be hired first. Following this principle could lead to sensible reform of the H-1B program, something that Robert's organization, Compete America, has rigorously fought against. And unfortunately Compete America has been successful since this reform was not included in last year's immigration bill that passed the Senate."

With the growing numbers of unemployed and underemployed educated, white collar middle class, fifty something computer scientitsts and journalists casting their votes for sleazy politicians with their noses stuck squarely in the trough, who will stand up to the Silicon Valley frat boys who, in the same mode of colonial masters want nothing more than to have legions of serfs festooning their companies so they can feel superior and pay them only a fraction of cost of living/inflation adjusted wages? Still relying on our politicians to stop the looting from these corporate bandits who are backing the wholesale sell-out of our jobs, healthcare and infrastructures?
After reading this article, you know, the part about hiring Americans first --- I have to wonder how that will ever happen without a complete overhaul of this current system and our society, where discrimination against our own has been keeping America's colonial masters knee-deep in profits for far too long.
-2Truthy (writing on vaction)


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the DUKE study that debunks the myth of a "skilled labor shortage"


Bottom lines: India and China are lying about the quantity and quality of their technical graduates. US companies don't have a talent shortage. US companies outsource for money reasons and get lower quality workers--and are OK with that.

ucdan said...

Blogs and political figures that claim to be democratic and liberal are bending over backwards on outsourcing. Why? This is not what the left is supposed to be about. A friend who graduated last year interviewed almost six months to get hired because there were so many non-citizens that companies wanted to hire first! It is as if the Democrats are now the party AGAINST protecting the people.

Anonymous said...

"Blogs and political figures that claim to be democratic and liberal are bending over backwards on outsourcing." Said ucdan.

Because liberals have their foundations in socialism and communism without any understanding of traditional economics. What we are seeing is the corporations being used as socialistic tools from fiat currency manipulation over borders, redistributing first world wealth to the third world. The super wealthy don’t mind because they make a huge profit, but in the end we hate them and lash out for their actions without understanding the market and how it works.

Honestly, the governments of the world might actually have an agenda beyond greed. To me it looks like one world government and the liberals are all for a one world socialist government that redistributes wealthy first world labor's gains to third world starving labor. After all, it's the decent thing to do. We can all live in poverty together, become dependents and breed out of control because we have nothing better to do.

It's a system doomed to failure. It breeds hatred and contempt. We need to get back to living in Liberty. Check out Ron Paul on YouTube and do a search on Google.

In order to slay this monster we have to deal with the Federal Reserve, World Bank and the IMF. Besides, if we have liberty and freedom we will survive any economic disaster, but if we become a socialist police state we all suffer for a long time.

Fat Ass Kathy said...

SUV's hide a fat butt. I should know.