Sunday, March 18, 2007

Global Warming Hit Piece Washes Up Alongside Mainstream Media

Our media and best scientists are under attack, as a politically motivated made for television documentary claims that global warming is nothing more than a natural occurrence which we have no control over. According to a group of self-described scientists brought together by documentary-maker Martin Durkin, these so-called scientists admit that the planet is indeed heating up but that it isn't our fault.

The corporate welfare sponsored San Jose Mercury News published the hit piece entitled “The Great Global Warming Swindle” in today’s Sunday edition. So the next time an unregulated, diesel fueled eighteen wheeler without emissions controls comes pulling through your local shopping center delivering produce to the local Safeway from Mexico and you get stuck in back of it, choking on the fumes because your air conditioning is out and the windows are open, think about Mr. Durkin’s lead-tainted claim that humans are not responsible for the damage done to our environment. Watch the video

This is not the first anti-global warming documentary that Durkin has made. A self-described Marxist and libertarian, he produced and directed a series in 1997 called Against Nature also purported the claim that elevated levels of carbon dioxide follow global warming rather than causing it.

But there is evidence to support that Durkin’s latest documentary is politically motivated. Throughout, he questions the scientists’ motives as to the origin of current global warming 'consensus' and focuses not on scientific details but instead the alleged political pressures on those who speak out against the supposed ‘natural’ causes of global warming. Professor Carl Wunsch (professor of physical oceanography at MIT), stated that he was "completely misrepresented" by Durkin in his documentary and is currently considering making a formal complaint, claiming he was "totally misled" as to the content of the program.

The fact is that the Bush administration has refused to accept global warming as fact and has tried everything in its power to debunk the overwhelming scientific proof. The real question is: why is this partisan issue? With all of the overwhelming evidence pointing to man-made causes and its disastrous effects to our environment, global warming is taking a back seat like every other social issue at the expense of the Iraq war and We the People once again are the casualties on losing the war on ignorance and greed.


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