Sunday, March 11, 2007

RIP, Richard Jeni

"My mother never saw the irony of calling me a son of a bitch." Richard Jeni

Comedian Richard Jeni died yesterday from self-inflicted gun shots wounds.

Today, Elayne Boosler writes the most touching eulogy for the Huffington Post in his memory

I have never seen Richard perform live, but as an actress who has worked closely with a certain well known stand-up comedian now working in L.A. in television, I know that there is a certain road that many brilliant comedians, like Richard, negotiate – as if a darker, deeper and distinct woods exists to plum the depths of pain to create great comedy. I understand this affinity. I have watched Richard perform on television and his was a comic genius that tapped into the well of anger to produce some of the most hilarious stuff I have ever seen. He had it down – the timing, the material, the voice…

Today, Elayne writes:

Richard Jeni, "The way I see life, it's like we're all flying on the Hindenburg, why fight over the window seats?"

If only Elayne Boosler were there to talk him down.
RIP, Richard Jeni.

Watch Richard Jeni perform in the special “A Big Steaming Pile of Me”


Anonymous said...

Assuming the first reports are correct, it's worth noting that it's extremely rare -- and I mean EXTREMELY rare -- for someone to commit suicide by shooting themself in the face. Mouth, neck, head ... yes. Straight in the face? If I were the cops my eyebrows would be on the ceiling.

2Truthy said...


I would not know anything about the ins-and-outs of shooting oneself in the face as you seem to do, but as an anti-gun legislation supporter, I can assure you that this tragedy would not have happened if guns were not available in this society and Richard would still be with us.

Comedy lost one of its own and this site is dedicated to losing the war on humor.