Tuesday, March 13, 2007

High Tech Professionals to Bill Gates: "Nonsense, Poopypants!"

The Monopoly Man of High Tech is enjoying lavish praise from the MSM, as Bill Gates promotes an “infinite” H-1B increase. How the Gates testimony will affect public opinion is a moot point when pro-corporate welfare crony Senators, urged by the tech lobby, are all winning very big on Capitol Hill and in the press.

The Washington Post (read article below) shamelessly sings the praises of The Monopoly Man. But where are the Alternative Media editorials on this issue to shout out “NONSENSE, POOPYPANTS?” Does this off-tune article have anything to do with the fact that his wife, Melinda Gates, is on the board of the WaPo?

What the hell are the Democrats thinking? What about Nancy Pelosi? The fact that the Senate Committee is chaired by Ted Kennedy says a lot about the direction of the Democratic Senate and its indistinguishable trough ties to the Republicans. Why the sell out?

Do we really want another election in 2008 that lands another Republican in the White House because a credible Third Party candidate has the balls to stand up for professional, white collar middle class Americans? The Democratic Party has amassed a faux-following that supports the same corporate welfare policies as the Republicans. It will be interesting to watch the rhetoric of John Edwards, as he speaks out in support of labor. Will he speak out against H1b and the need for corporate watchdogging?


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Ace: (catch phrase) Alrighty then!
Cadby: Is something wrong, Mr. Ventura?Ace: Of course not! This is just a lovely room of death! Take care now, bye bye then.
Ace: (catch phrase) Loo-hoo-se-her!
McGuire: Who is this ghastly man??!!Ace: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, aaaaaannnnnddd....you must be the Monopoly Guy! (whispers) Hey, thanks for the free parking!Woman: Another activist, McGuire.McGuire: Activist, yes.
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Ace:( driving the car, when Fulton asks him to slow down) Nonsense poopypants…

A Self-Inflicted Wound
The Washington Post
Monday, March 12, 2007

The more self-defeating aspects of this nation's immigration policy is its insistence on denying work visas to thousands of the world's mostsought-after doctors, scientists, engineers and technical specialists,including those finishing their degrees at American universities.Understandably, U.S. technological corporations, which, unlike Congress,live in the real world of innovation and cutthroat competition for skilledworkers, are furious that their own government's visa policies give foreignfirms a leg up. As Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., told a Senatecommittee last week, "America will find it infinitely more difficult tomaintain its technological leadership if it shuts out the very people whoare most able to help us compete."That, unfortunately, is precisely the effect of current policy, which forthe past few years has limited the number of visas reserved for skilledworkers to 65,000 annually -- many fewer than American firms would like tohire. The immigration legislation passed by the Senate last year would haveincreased that number to 115,000, but the bill died in the House. As aresult, it is a certainty that thousands of highly trained workers, theirhopes of staying and working in America dashed, are now giving firms inEurope or Japan a competitive advantage in some of the world's mostcutting-edge industries.The lunacy of the current state of affairs is exposed by the fact that from2001 to 2003, Congress raised the number of visas for skilled workers to195,000 annually, in recognition of marketplace realities, then allowed itto revert back to 65,000 through what amounted to inattention. At thispoint, with the demand for skilled workers soaring, the 65,000 cap is soinadequate that every single such visa is snapped up by skilled workers whoapply each spring, before the federal government's fiscal year even beginsin October. The system's dysfunction has been recognized by Congress, whichfelt compelled to make some exemptions to its own cap. That eased but didnot solve the problem.Entangled in the broader debate about immigration, the skilled-worker visaproblem has been neglected for too long. Tighter immigration curbs imposedafter the terrorist attacks of 2001 may have been an understandablereaction at the time.But there's no excuse for the current logjams, particularly since alegislative fix is relatively simple: increase the number of visas. Andwhile Congress is at it, it should also raise the woefully inadequateannual cap on green cards, which are needed for permanent residency status.Just 140,000 are granted annually, and the backlog in applications nowrequires a waiting period of about five years.America's knowledge-based economy is increasingly dependent on the best andbrightest immigrants, who account for a quarter of the nation's doctoratesand a third of its engineering professors. Foreign-born entrepreneurs wereamong the founders of Sun Microsystems Inc., Intel Corp., Google Inc. andother leading firms. To educate the next generation of them in America,only to export them to foreign universities and corporations, is foolish inthe extreme.



Naveen said...

hehehe,Clever as ever Billy is smarter than smartest people in the world,Just when you think microsoft period is over he come up with something you won't believe.I saw his house picture at http://www.billgatesmicrosoft.com/billhouse.htm seems really grand.

Anonymous said...

This shows the pomposity of Gate's greed and plan to turn India into a meatgrinder for the mostly hack programmers that they are. He could care less about Americans, too.