Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Katie Couric: A Dark, Taboo Region Where the Sun Never Shines

“Katie Couric: A Dark, Taboo Region Where the Sun Never Shines.
And You’re No Walter Cronkite.”


A few weeks ago, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards made the decision to boycott Fox News. Now that’s what I call progress. How about adding CBS to the list? The CBS 60 Minutes Katie Couric interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards was a disgrace.

It was a shameful representation of the 21st century Mainstream Media corporate values driven network and a fall from grace from any resemblance of human compassion and professional civility that was once defined by extraordinary TV journalists like Walter Cronkite who, no matter the political stripe -- extended only the ultimate consideration
and respect to his guests.

When Stephen Colbert recently interviewed Couric on his show, he asked her which job prepared her better for the anchor desk -- being a cheerleader or a sorority sister.

This cheerleader phenomenon of ruthless girl drama “I’m the only one” starts in adolescence and for “some people” it is “all about themselves” at the expense of others, transitioning into adulthood from mean-girl to mean-madame.

After watching the interview, one has to wonder what relational form of aggression would compel someone to treat two kind and decent people facing cancer with such uncompassionate disregard…was Katie Couric afraid of appearing “wimpy” by being a complete and utter asshole to the Edwardses? See previous post “The No Asshole Rule”:


As captive consumers of mainstream media, the country watched a mean-spirited Katie Couric unabashedly antagonize John and Elizabeth Edwards last Sunday night about their joint and well-thought out decision for him to complete his 2008 run for the presidency during this sad and difficult time for their family on the news of Elizabeth’s cancer diagnosis. Below is the link to the video and transcript:


The real disgrace of this interview was that the Edwardses had little choice but to go on the air with an MSM station to reach a majority of viewers otherwise not tuned into alternative media channels. Since Edwards made the notable decision to boycott Fox, this was the next best thing to reaching out to the millions of potential voters, but who would have predicted the partisan at best, but borderline sociopathic twist Couric brought to the unidirectional line of “Some People” questioning in which she repeatedly and clearly ignored the Edwardses responses on any personal and professional level with questions like:

Katie Couric: Some people watching this would say, "I would put my family first always and my job second." And you're doing the exact opposite. You're putting your work first, and your family second.

"Some people"? And what's up with the inappropriate, accusatory tone? Sounds like high school gossip speak for "other people more powerful than you don't want you to win and you are just looking for the sympathy vote and I am here to make sure it looks that way."

It was painful to watch John and Elizabeth Edwards be subjected to the 21st Century New World Order of soulless MSM television talking head syndrome masquerading as journalism that only We the People can take back through alternative media and citizen journalism. John Edwards is unlike the other candidates as he has a healthcare plan with teeth for the majority of Americans who can not afford or are denied coverage. He has a genuine concern for restoring corporate governance oversight rules and fairness to the workplace along with trade reforms.

As we watch the Iraq War disaster turn into an ongoing, deadly sideshow while our country’s domestic infrastructures go to hell, John Edwards, with his lovely wife at his side, conveyed with integrity, dignity and grace to millions of people during this interview that he understands the plight of the people and is indeed the only candidate to restore hope and lead us out of the “permanent midnight” brought on by the Bush administration.


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