Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sky Harbor Indignities, Courtesy Tough Shit Assholes (TSA)

“Oommmmm, I Think I’ll have the Pat-Down Instead.” -2Truthy
Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ

The "Tough Shit Assholes" Agency (TSA) is responding to push-back from the public for the newly unveiled backscatter x-ray machine and is now offering a full body pat-down as an alternative. How considerate—to offer us which indignity to suffer in the name of security. If you must fly through Arizona, make sure to neglect bathing for at least three weeks prior to your departure and don’t forget to pack along your most colorful language to make the jobs of TSA employees more bearable.

Sky Harbor Airport has deployed the "backscatter" machine, which is now in full operation and running at Security Checkpoint B at busy Terminal 4. The technology is causing a national uproar because it is capable of taking remarkably clear X-ray photos of the human body.

So far, most people have opted for the rays, despite health hazards of repeated radiation exposure of any and all kinds, especially for cancer patients, survivors, and pregnant women. But the real question is: Why has this country not implemented a domestic electronic passport system with finger scan verification? Disney has managed the technology for over ten years.


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