Sunday, March 25, 2007


“True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.” –Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Are You an Asshole?

Not sure? Then take the test (see link below)

If you find yourself associating with small-minded gasbags, interested in other people’s business so much of the time that you wind up behaving like an insecure, envious high school cheerleader or college frat boy back-stabbing, copying and making stuff up about others smarter and better looking than you to reinforce your own hubris filled world which earns you the distinction of ‘incorrigible team busybody’ then, you just might be an Asshole.

Can civility be restored to the workplace so that all can enjoy greater productivity and profit? In the new book The NO ASSHOLE RULE by Robert Sutton, managers are encouraged and given the ‘tools’ to spot and steer clear from hiring mean-spirited people that are not only a drag on the morality bottom-line but also on ROI. Hats off to Professor Sutton, who raises the issue of eroding civility in the workplace with his bestselling new book. If only it were required reading for a few high-profile journalists and bloggers who elbow into each other, like bloated high schoolers in the cafeteria line, unwilling to appreciate anyone else outside their own cannibalized clique. Now, if this book could make the transition to MSM and the blogosphere, where increasingly we see arrogance and insufferability passed off as de rigueur, high journalistic standards, then the book would be deserving of best-seller status!

For more information about the book and to take the test “Are you a Certified Asshole”,
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*One more thing: Although 2Truthy took the test and is most definitely not a certified asshole – not even remotely -- I received a score of “5” which essentially classified Yours Truly as a “borderline asshole” and then suggested that I might want to buy the book. Hmmm…



JoeC said...

Wish America had read the book before we hired the assholes fleshing out our executive branch ;-)

2Truthy said...

Maybe the executive branch ghost wrote it.