Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paris Hilton: "Oooh-la-la! Le jailez-vous n'est pour moi!"

Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby: What do they share in common?

Ummm...Let's see here...They both wear a size four and look fabulous in tight, black and white-striped jumpsuits?

In a previous post, I discussed all the gross indignities poor Scooter had to endure while his friends tried to get the plebes to foot the bill for his defense fund on criminal counts against him for complcity in outing a former CIA agent and her family. (What a bunch of party poopers... to have actually put the grand old boy through such an embarrassing charade of a trial over such trivia.)

and then during this week, Judge Reggie Walton threw the book at Scooter with his

THIRTY MONTHS IN THE HOLE sentencing hearing

Looks like Paris is going to have to haul her gold-plated derriere BACK to court tomorrow after being released from the Joint after doing an exhausting four day stint.


special thanks to Daryl Cagle and anyone else who I continue to derive such fantastic inspiration from.

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