Saturday, June 23, 2007

Arianna Does The Google: Will She Run As Al Gore's Veep?

Arianna Talks With Women at Google

Well, it's no secret that every candidate on the 2008 election circuit is making a pitstop at mega-zillion dollar Google, so this week, Arianna hopped on the bus and paid a visit, too! Is she serving as head PR agent for Gore and/or have her political aspirations resurfaced? Cool. 

But guess what? When you click on the link below to watch the video entitled mailto:Women@Google, there are hardly ANY women in the audience...but that's OK. This is Arianna Huffington, the fabulous, inspirational and undeniably charismatic writer and media darling, so she can do whatever she wants. And although she is currently running with an insufferable, blowsy crowd of vcs clad in bicycle shorts, if Arianna's post says she talked with women, well then dammit, she did! 

Arianna held court at Google this week, where she discussed her most recent book, "On Becoming Fearless" and declared that there are "three important issues we face: Iraq, Iraq, and Iraq." (Talk about covering your bases). So, I asked her what Google is doing about the number one problem over 45 million educated Americans are facing here: H1B labor imports, and I also mentioned that if anyone could make the problem of a starving Middle Class sexy, it would be her (click below Bill Grieder: A Globalization Offensive)

I did, however, forget to ask her if if the HuffPo will forfeit its "status quo" blog image in search of truth and justice and civility for the plebes, making jobs, healthcare and consumer protections the "top three" editorial pieces which are most important to our citizens. Next time.

But the billion dollar question that everybody wants to know is:

"With Arianna's close friendship with Al Gore and the Google execs and vcs, will she run as Al Gore's veep or hold off until 2012?"

Stay tuned.



metroboy said...


2Truthy said...


I am absolutely NOT serious. How the hell should I know who's running for what?

It would make an amusing headline amidst the speculation of a possible Gore run (which the media and HuffPo have written about) who would make a great president if he could figure out how to put Americans first by, for example, making corporations like Google a model of corporate governance/citenzry by shaking off the hubris and not discriminating against our computer scientists and establishing a hire Americans first policy.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.What does Arianna H. have to do with Google?I only watched a portion of the video but I don't know why a group of programmers would have to sit listening to her, not that she's borig or anything but I really don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she write PIGS AT THE TROUGH?

Why isn't she on the lecture circuit with that book. Especially at Google.

2Truthy said...

Splendid idea about the book tour title switch.