Thursday, June 14, 2007

California State GOP H1B Politicians Pull a Paris Hilton

"When are Californians going to wake up and smell the weinerschnitzel?"

"To do a Paris Hilton": Any outrageous behavior that possibly requires, among other things, bribery, plastic surgery, a few grams of Bolivian marching power, a chihuahua and Governor Schwarzenegger's home phone number.
Deputy Chief of Staff to California Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, Steven Maviglio writes in today's California Majority Report about the California Republican Party outsourcing for a new political director. And he was hired by an Australian who has been working at the party for one year
Read more on today's SF Chronicle article by Carla Marinucci
"Someone should ask whether or not the Canadian hired by the state Republican party (referenced in Carla’s story today) got special treatment by the federal government in obtaining an H1B work visa", Steve says. But the zillion dollar question that Marinucci neglected to ask is how is it that this guy gets a visa reserved for specialists to "do work that no American is qualified to do?"
Political hack. How many 'highly skilled', educated American engineers are underemployed or unemployed while some "political hack" sailed through this process?" And "did Grover Norquist pull strings to get the Canadian the visa?"
Carla’s story today is an indictment against the state of the Republican Party in California but also against the Bush Administration for frivolously handing out a coveted work visa. Looks like he's gotten the Paris Hilton treatment from the Bush Administration.

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