Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crappy Days Are Here Again

"How to Save the Middle Class from Extinction”
by Paul Krugman
The below link includes an article entitled "How to Save the Middle Class from Extinction” by Paul Krugman. It's four pages long and basically says, in so many words, that the race to the bottom won't stop until our society demands "disciplining insider behavior by executives and so on down the line." It also says that Republican administrations always fuck things up for the People. But we knew that.

Needless to say, 2Truthy's blog is dedicated to smoking out the truth behind insider self-dealing in corporate business and political media. Oh-- wait a minute --- Did I forget to mention "New Media"? Let's do a quick refresh on definitions: New Media is an offshoot of Old Media, which is an extension of public relations for Old Money and Nouveau Riche. There.

Anyway, have you ever noticed how much "popular blogs" are starting to look and act JUST LIKE Old Media gate keepers? What it all boils down to is, as soon as blogs start taking advertising $$$$ from corporate sponsors, well, the truth can be colored, crumpled, exaggerated, or hidden or ANYTHING the media or corporate schmoozing bloggers wants it to be! Then again, when was truth ever not subjective? It doesn't really matter, but the race to the bottom does.


Here is a great ‘Republican moment’ comment that one guy in Goshen wrote to Krugman about this article.

Crappy Days Are Here Again

It's amazing, is it not? You can actually pinpoint the moment when the American middle class began its 180 degree shift from being a vital force in American society to just barely hanging on. I'll place the marker on January 20, 1981. That was the day the American people stupidly sent a half-witted, feeble-minded and failed B movie actor by the name of Ronald Reagan to the White House. The damage that dirty old bastard did to this once-great nation is so immense, it will never be accurately assessed - It is incalculable.
And yet poll after poll puts Reagan at the top of the people's list of the greatest presidents in history (just below Washington and Lincoln). What does that say about the intelligence of the American people - or, should I say, their jaw-dropping stupidity? There is a very good reason (or very bad reason - depending on your politics) why, upon taking the oath of office in 2001, that the First Fool signed an executive order that sealed the Gripper's papers indefinitely: they don't want posterity to know the truth about the Reagan presidency.The Republican Party has moved so far to the right in the last quarter of a century that it's in serious danger of falling off the face of the earth. Think about if for a minute: The three top contenders for the GOP nomination next year (Romney, Giuliani and McCain) although traditional conservatives in the strictest sense of the word, are viewed by the assholes who control the so-called "party of Lincoln" as hard core lefties.
I mean just how ridiculous is that?? Barry Goldwater, the man who literally founded the modern conservative movement would not be able to get their nomination today. He would be dismissed as a "maverick liberal". Indeed, at the end of his life he was working on a book with John Dean about the extremist shift the Republicans had taken in recent years. Dean completed the book last year. Called "Conservatives Without Conscience", it is a must-read any way you slice it.
Pray for peace.
Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

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