Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Schwarzenegger Declares War on the Educated, Upwardly Mobile Middle Class

Hasta la Vista, You Educated American Technology Professionals - And You Hardworking Immigrants from Mexico who Want Drivers Licenses! All of You without Invitations (Most of You) to the Ruling Class of the United States of Serfdom!
-The Governator

It seems that former immigrant-turned actor-turned bipartisan, big money party, one world order promoting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has little time for non-elitist citizens, confirming all speculations that he is really into this have and have-not, caste system society thing.

This week, he sent a letter to the U.S. Senate, stating his support for an H-1b quota increase and reduced administrative hassles - e.g., attempting to first recruit qualified Americans. What a hassle! When it is sooo much easier to just kick the educated middle class professionals to the curb (and anyone else who is not deemed fit for the ruling class club) when you've got high profile politicians on both sides of the aisle and corporate hacks on the team!
Kim Berry, President of the Programmers Guild, is fighting back with a letter in response.


On June 6th by 10am the Programmers Guild will hand-deliver an objection to his office. Read the letter below.
Oh, and don't forget to call him up and rip him a new one!

Here’s his number: 916-445-2841


Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Among your key campaign promises was that you would represent the People of California rather than bowing to special interests.

But yesterday in your letter advocating for an increase in H-1b visas you violated that promise. I challenge you to disclose the source of that letter, which is a clear promotion of the special interests of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, foreign consulting firms, and billionaire CEOs.

1. By advocating for retention of "an employment-based application process" you are supporting the current flawed system where employers are able to hold H-1b workers as indentured servants while they sponsor the workers' green card applications. I witnessed NEC Roseville IT department specifically seek out H-1b candidates after two of their DBAs left for better opportunities at Intel Folsom. Do you support freedom or indentured servitude?

2. By advocating that the H-1b quota "must be based on the demands of the market" you are driving California workers and consulting firms out of business: The largest users of H-1b are Indian consulting firms. Last fall Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) boasted, "Our wage per employee is 20-25 percent less than US wages for a similar employee," explaining that the underpayment gave them their competitive advantage over American workers and the American firms who employ them. Do you support more H-1b for Indian consulting firms that displace Americans with $38,000 wages?

3. H-1b allows employers to hire foreigners even when qualified Americans are available. The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) has sponsored dozens of H-1b workers, even as U.S. Citizens were waiting and reachable on the civil service list. Do you support hiring foreign workers for state jobs when Americans are reachable on lists?

4. CEO Larry Ellison is worth $20 billion dollars. Oracle is lobbying against a $1200 annual fee on H-1b that would be used to fund scholarships of up to $15,000 so that Americans can pursue science and engineering degrees. Do you share Oracle and Compete America’s opposition to scholarships for Americans?

5. You state, "I am concerned that the current bill may make the H-1B program harder to administer." The only material change is that, under the Durbin/Grassley amendment, employers would first have advertise the position, make a good faith effort to hire Americans, and attest that no Americans were being displaced. Do you believe that Americans should be displaced from their careers because employers find it an administrative hassle to run help wanted ads and conduct interviews?

6. You cite "between 2004 and 2014 there will be nearly one million new jobs in math and computer sciences," but ignore that more than 100,000 Americans graduate with degrees in these fields each year. Please explain why you support industry’s call for an H-1b influx that would fill every job and then some.

7. You claim that there is a shortage of tech workers in California. So can you explain why on the day you sent your letter there were ZERO classified ads for Computer Programmers in the Sacramento Bee.

I look forward to hearing an acknowledgement that you have considered these points, and hope that upon further consideration you will withdraw your letter in support of an H-1b increase.


Mr. Kim Berry Sacramento, California President -

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