Sunday, June 10, 2007

2Truthy's Weekly Roundup Award Goes To.............


Those bad boys and others over at Wonkette have outdone themselves this week with their hilarious send-up of the Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby Slammer sentences. These guys make the South Park writers look like girls scouts.


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Jersey Cynic said...


perfect video to accompany --

I forgot about frampton and humble pie. Too funny -- I've been grabing some of frampton's songs today -- he's on a few links over at hypem dot com. my kids were going through my old albums and are hooked on frampton now. Here we go again!

2Truthy said...

Hey JC!
Woo-hoo, Peter Frampton. You've got kids with some goooood taste!

TRUE STORY: Remember the Small Faces? They were popular in the late sixites in the England with their hit 'All or Nothing.'
During the summers, my family and I would visit our relatives in London (Victoria)where STEVE MARRIOTT (WHEN HE WAS WITH THE SMALL FACES)lived across the MOD cousin and I would shout out stuff to him like "Come on out Steve, I'm taking my shirt off now" at the blokes from the garden terrace across to his...

Jersey Cynic said...

you WILD WOMAN you!!

Good times!

janarno said...

Think he'll be wearing slacks or shorts when Harriet drops him off to report for duty?
Jan Arnold