Sunday, June 24, 2007

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade: Quincy Live at the Castro

Reporting Live from the Castro

San Francisco, CA Clad in leather chops and army fatigues, I covered The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade today, where a fabulous turn out of thousands and thousands of people showed up in support of Gay rights and I am bursting with news that you will not even believe!

First, Elizabeth Edwards was on hand to deliver a breakfast speech in support of Gay Marriage at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, which I completely missed due to a nasty billing dispute with the hotel manager at the Fairmont (just around the corner) over their alleged barnyard animal ban. Let me tell you, if you think gays have it bad when it comes to discrimination, after you read the way I was treated in this upscale establishment, you might say that Pigs are the new Gays

According to the manager, ‘Andre’, he said that 2Truthy was required to pony up an eight thousand dollar barnyard pet room deposit for the bay view suite but when I went to check out, Mr. Andre had the staff do a thorough and complete room check to “make certain that the place did not smell like a chorizo stand.”

So then do you want to know what I did? I pulled out my super soaker filled with a little of the left over GAY BOMB aphrodisiac I snuck out of General Petraeus’s barracks while in Baghdad last week and opened fire and he didn’t even know what hit him. Last thing I saw, Mr. Andre was holding hands with a man who looked EXACTLY like Mayor Gavin Newsom as they pressed the "up" elevator button.

I then headed down to the Civic Center festivities and had a grand time. Everybody here is very happy and so nice -- kind of like sugar, kind of like spices.

But do you want to know what the best part of the whole day has been so far? When I got to listen to two original band members of THE OHIO EXPRESS perform YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT LOVE IN MY TUMMY (watch video) in back of the new Barney’s.

Anyway, I am rushing now to head over to a wine and slop reception at Miss Piggy’s Domestic Partners swanky stye in Pacific Heights.

I was excited by the prospect of finally getting to add Miss Piggy to my list of Celebrity Sow Sightings, but I just learned that this was not to be…It seems that she is in New York interviewing with Barbara Walters for Rosie O’Donnell’s old chair on THE VIEW.

Happy Gay Pride Day, Everybody!


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metroboy said...

"clad in leather CHOPS"...LOL!
Quincy, I didn't see you on Sunday old chop, but I wish I did!