Friday, June 22, 2007

Obama's Peeps Rip Hillary Clinton

“So Sari, Hillary”
-Ralph Nader

Remember when Obama’s people recently released a memo about how chummy Hillary Clinton is with India and her lust for selling off our white collar jobs to the third world?

Anyway, Barack’s people must have been cruising 2Truthy’s notorious establishment, LOSING THE WAR ON HUMOR

And it is time to issue a hearty “thank you very much, only happy to help” to those campaign rogues over there who had the bravado to release the memo which was allegedly not supposed to be released and ended up at MOUTH OF THE POTOMAC.

Note that while they didn’t deny that they believed it, they just said that it wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be released….

Is Barack pulling out the Populist message? If so, what could he do to make the plebes actually believe he cares about our middle class professionals when he has corporate welfare backers?

This week Ralph Nader gave a hearty thumbs up to Mike Gravel and to Ron Paul and a swift kick in the sari to Hillary and, so, you know what that means coming from Nader: we are NOT seeing MSM or blogs ponying up the kind of PR and $$$$ yet for the best PEOPLE candidates to win. Much work yet to be done, all you Starbucks and Circuit City night managers with advanced degrees who have watched your jobs, healthcare and dashed hopes for upward mobility spiral downward to the third world.

Only thing is: Hillary and Barack always struck me as birds of a feather, so it will be interesting to see how Barack distances himself from DLCer, Corporate Welfare, Big Money People that back him

New lovers? Maybe Barack’s picture should be replaced with the former vice presidents? Hillary did, after all, send Gore a box of chocolates a few weeks ago…

My Sweet Lord! Just as George Harrison stole the music for his phenomenal hit from the Chiffons (who wrote “He’s So Fine”) who more than likely needed the $$$$ more than he did, any political candidates who want to rip off the People to fatten their largess can kiss my largess.

But hey, thanks again Obama’s people. This is the best read I’ve had all day!



sftierney said...

I agree that we have to finally do something to stop the uncontrolled exodus of our jobs.Obama's reps did this probably for political gain or, he gets it that it has to stop.

We just can't keep pretending that it is going to stop when we have thieves for politicians getting paid off by wealthy elites.When you worte about that law firm who gives seminars on how not to hire US citizens, I freaked.I mean, this is happening and there are no laws or social conscience to stop it.

Citizen Carrie said...

Since I don't spend twelve hours a day reading up on presidential candidates, I'll ask this question. Are there any candidates who are taking this whole H-1B/outsourcing issue seriously?

Obama strikes me as being more interested in becoming the next President than working for the best interests of the American people.

2Truthy said...

Hey citizen carrie,

Obama is a no-op who wants to play politics and the whole bipartisan lot of 'em are schmoozing the vcs and execs out here ad nauseum. Mike Gravel? Dunno much about his position here, worth checking out.

I have to say that RON PAUL and is looking better all the time in this regard. The best Dem so far is Edwards, although in last week's Sunday NY Times piece basically sums up his message of fighting for the 'working class' but only at the poverty level, with no plan for the educated middle class, who, as you know are getting reamed.

The Clintons have never been reluctant to rent themselves out to the "CHEAP LABOR LOBBY."

With her unseemly, sordid flirtation with California's venture capitalists, Hillary risks becoming one more SLATTERNLY cheerleader for the Cheap Labor Lobby.

With faux Dems like Hillary running, I suggest she grab a couple of Red pom- poms and cross over to the other side of the fifty yard line and stop giving what's left of this on the ropes Democratic Party a bad name.


2Truthy said...

Hey Tierney!
I like your choice of words "we have to stop pretending"...perfect.

We do!

When is the blogosphere going take this on and make it a sexy issue? The media and status quo bloggers refuses to cite the players behind the the tech lobby push (Al Gore, on the board of Google being a big h1b offender)because they own them. Who are the truth seeking bloggers?

Anonymous said...

The H1b visas started around twenty years ago, which prompted the tanking of our local economies and good jobs for college grads (citizens from the United States.)

Why do the Clintons want to sell out American jobs? How much money have they made personally doing this? Why won't they stop?