Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ann Coulter Blows Lines And Flushes Her Reputation: Again

Ann Coulter Makes Imus Look Like Howdy Doody
Elizabeth Edwards ripped Ann Coulter (big line blower) a new one today on Chris Matthew's Hardball as Coulter hit an all time new low. If that's possible. Just three months after she called Elizabeth's husband John Edwards a "faggot", will somebody please impound this creature?
In front of a Republican-leaning crowd on Chris Matthew's "Hardball" Tuesday, Ann Coulter received an unexpected phone call from Elizabeth Edwards, wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, asking the "journalist" (sputtering Anti-Christ) to raise the level of public discourse in America above personal attacks (this sick, unforgivable shit).
If they can throw Imus off the air, what hold on whose media cajones does Coulter have to keep her around on the media circuit after this?


Anonymous said...

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ucbdan said...

Mrs.Edwards handled herself with grace and dignity while the "anti-christ" (good one tootruthy!)babbled. It is obvious that she is in over her head.

2Truthy said...

Dan, Will she ever go away?

Nah. -t.t.