Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Claim That Global Warming Is Junk Science is Junk Politics

"The Claim That Global Warming Is Junk Science Is Junk Politics." -2Truthy

Below is an excellent Cato Institute article entitled "What is Happening to Science?"


The article is about the assault on scientific proof on global warming, needless to say, a subject that the former vice president is passionate about. Many friends and associates of mine who are passionate about Al Gore are asking me lately why I seem "a little harsh" when I write about his secret Silicon Valley meetings and stuff, so I want to take a moment to clear the ozone. It is no secret that I am not the most politically correct person so if I have written anything that has offended anyone (other than that mean tramp, Ann Coulter and the insensitive Katie Couric who both poorly treated the lovely Elizabeth Edwards) then I apologize.

The immigration bill in the Senate this week has the potential to unemploy millions of our best and brightest programmers and to further drive down wages, and while discussing this with a few people recently who asked me to "reread some of the things I have written" about Gore and then ask myself if I thought I "sounded like a Democrat", I now think it might be possible for my intentions to be misconstrued. Now, I actually feel bad for mentioning the 'serfing the net' thing (I thought it was funny) in context with those shithead lawyers in PA who are providing seminars to not hire U.S. programmers http://programmersguild.blogspot.com

I care very much for the many smart programmers who I have personally known and know with families and livliehoods that were or about to be be ruined by outsourcing based upon the profiteering of a few greedy execs and politicians. The fact that many on the Left have no compassion for their fellow neighbors on this issue and could care less is the very same mean spritited behavior that the Right is so often accused of and ironically, on this issue, the Right has actually shown more conscience (except for the predjudiced among them) for these professionals. So:

First, I do not dislike Gore. As a matter of fact, I don't dislike anybody who has, such as 2Truthy, also hung out backstage at Grateful Dead concerts. This act alone implies not only a high IQ but demonstrates excellent taste in music and all things culturally superior. Since he is on the board of Google, do you think that he could positively influence the Senate to put our programmers first? What is his position on displacing our programmers to replace their jobs?

With so much speculation about him running for office again, these are unanswered questions which many people would want to know.

Second, I am a former voter of Gore and have always been a supporter of his valiant efforts to lead the fight on global warming, even in the earlier days when it was unfashionable. When Mary Matalin labelled him OZONE MAN, I plotzed on that unfair moniker right along with everyone else on the Left. I just wish Gore would channel that same passion by using his Beltway ties to fight the war on our educated middle class and start kicking ass around Google who is a major outsourcer. Just because I am not holding my breath on this does not make him any less valiant when it comes to leading the fight on global warming... who knows, maybe he will surprise us by championing the middle class. So far, I have heard him say nothing of the kind.

Third, the Right has been mindlessly and unfairly bashing him for his weight and his fight against global warming and just about anything to the extent that this low road brand of political media has nowhere else to go but straight to hell, in my book. I don't suffer stupidity nor incivility lightly...Those who know me understand my passion for wanting to see our leaders do the right thing for our programmers on this bill, and if it is possible that the slant I have taken when writing on it has offended anyone, consider this your apology. The world is filled with so many people without consciences, that I even have a mean people suck bumper sticker.

Fourth, his green business dealings are of course a natural extension of his interests in working with innovative minds to develop crucial solutions needed to avoid impending climate change disasters which will not only help us breath a little easier but, providing the solutions are viable and don't erode our the topsoil (ethanol is in question: read my friend Alice Friedemann's article who is well versed on the subject http://tootruthy.blogspot.com/2007/03/best-plutocracy-money-can-buy.html), will create alternative energy markets that will boost our economy. Hopefully, once the Bush regime is out, we will have elected a president who will work to reverse the disastrous effects that outsourcing has had on our upwardly mobile middle class. I would like to believe that Gore would work with the corporate sector (whether he runs and is elected or remains in the private sector) to reverse outsourcing and foster civility and fairness once again to our working citizens. If he would do this much, you're damn straight he would get my vote should he run.

Fifth, it is no secret that Silicon Valley has its share of a few insufferable, Important People like anywhere else that Yours truly finds impossible to address with a straight face or the actual respect that these hubris stuffed pants demand. They're like a room full of "Monopoly Guys" out of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. While so many ceos here support outsourcing at the expense of our residents -- fathers and mothers and people I know who deserve fairness from their government, it would be great to know a guy like Al would not be on the darkside.

Sixth, some of you have mentioned that if I write anything "negative" about a Democrat (which I am one) it is a score for the Repubs but again, I do not write anything "negative", I raise questions about motivations of a few candidates and those realities as they affect real people. My brother bristles at the thought that Al could be any less than the perfect candidate and really wants him to run, as I would if I had answers to these questions. Should people stop expecting civility and just stop questioning potential candidates on the issues? To do anything less is to echo the chamber of a me-too status quo (which I am not one) blowhard.

So this is 2Truthy's "Come Clean on Gore" Manifesto that I hope clears up a few holes in the Ozone.

Ooops...that last sentence is precisely what gets me in trouble with some of my friends on the Left (which I am one) who often confuse humor with ridicule. That last reference to 'ozone' was not intended to ridicule the guy who has brought the issue of global warming front and center.



Anonymous said...

Tootruthy,Gore technically has nothing to do with the immigration bill right now,although he did vote for Nafta and pro-trade agreements (remember Perot? he voted down all of that shit)
Maybe you are right.

But remember,he's not running for office and so there is nothing to expect from him on this issue, even if he is in a position to influence greedy ceos and politicians.I also hope he can launch innovative technology to get us out of the doldrums environmentally and economically,I think he can deliver.

2Truthy said...


This is true, that he is not running for office. With so much media speculation, I have written from the perspective that he is. The candidate that wants to work to buid up the middle class again and work against a feudal society gets my vote. -t.t.

gerg said...

The problem with the Left not supporting the engineers and any anti outsourcing legislation is that the base is largely comprised of 'bolsheviks' who have little and ex hippies who have a lot. Anyone in the middle of that continuum are off their radar. This is why the Democrats have a unity problem, and it is only going to get worse unless they unite on this important issue.

George Ergstrom

2Truthy said...

Hey George,

My brother and I were talking about this and he believes that when I write anything about Gore
(such as the "serfing" the net thing)in the same article that exposes Cohen & Grigsby, that this is unfair and taken as bashing of Gore, when of course the law firm is directly the topic of discussion and Gore had nothing to do with this video. This is NOT my intention, and when people I know start telling me that I may be sounding "harsh", ok ok already I get it.

I hear you on the unity thing. The Dems don't look unified right now.

Citizen Carrie said...


I can sympathize with your dilemma of being accused of being anti-Democrat if you say anything against Al Gore. What we are allowed to do in a democracy is call it like we see it, not just spout out the party line all the time. The only way we can change things is to speak out.

2Truthy said...

citizen carrie,

Thanks. Most Democrats have this Messiah need right now after Bush, which is quite understandable. But a disturbing behavior that some blogs have taken on is to label and censor anyone who has an opinion or questions anyone other than the groupthink a "basher" or troll, etc. for questioning anything outside what or who is 'hip'-- which I hope stops sooner than later for the sake of positive change. Otherwise, we're going to have to start putting warning labels on them like the Motion Picture industry:)

beware: "groupthinkoshpere"