Friday, April 30, 2010

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour With The Janet Martin Trio: 'Snake Bit'

Turn Up the Volume!

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



BuelahMan said...

The girl can sing, for sure, but DAMN, she can pick like a Big Dog! Great song.

PS: I loved the Little Feat series of videos (one of my all time fave's). When I sing, I have been told I sound like a cross between Lowell and David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat and Tears fame (and I wish it were actually true).

2Truthy said...

Isn't Janet awesome? A sweeter version of Susan Tedeschi, maybe, dunno?

Ohhhhhh, ATLANTA! I say yeah, yeah, yeah! B'Man, wow, that's some vocal cross Lowell and DC Thomas). Put your stuff on your blog, would love to hear ya!