Monday, April 12, 2010

What Is UN-Hip: Robert “Third-World” Reich Propaganda

“There's Only So Much Oil in the Ground”
-Tower of Power

“There's Only So Many Jobs to Go Around”

Take a long-term view and most new immigrants to the U.S. will be working for many decades.”
-Robert Reich

Yours truly wrote yesterday of The Unsustainability of Cheap Labor and Cheap Oil. Evidentially, Robert Reich didn't get the memo, as his latest HuffPo manifesto “Why More Immigrants Are an Answer to the Coming Boomer Entitlement Mess” once again takes a pass at restoring civility to American society. Robert “Third World” Reich has outdone himself in his latest propaganda incarnation that gives the middle extended finger high salute to middle class American citizens who have been and continue to be hustled out of their jobs, savings and homes so a few insiders can profit by selling out U.S. jobs to cheap imported labor. What a comfort to know that there are Very Serious People in think-tank mode to cover up the tracks for their corporate/political paymasters to pump up the propaganda to those dreadful, pitiful, pathetic plebes and rally the base who Very Serious People have no use for. In addition to America's love fest with cheap labor, its wicked kissing cousin is cheap oil. Why is Obama Drilling? (h/t Frank Ackerman.)

When it comes to cheap labor, it's all about importing and legitimizing slaves, baby! That's What Is Hip.

True to Reichian form, his commanding propaganda pitch today omits any reference to exporting white collar jobs, but most notable includes the following masterful sentence in all of its glaring simplicity that sums up the very serious economist's determination to hammer the plebes with myths destructive to America's middle class citizenry:

Take a long-term view and most new immigrants to the U.S. will be working for many decades.”

Ya think? Wow. Is that some deep shit, or what?

Translation: Get over yourselves, middle class Americans. Who cares if we export white collar U.S. jobs? Imported workers (blue and white collar) will be our new slaves and dammit, “they'll be working for many decades” to take any white collar job from you we haven't already exported AND your kids' jobs WHILE we level (downgrade) American middle class incomes to a whopping near-minimum wage, assholes. Here's your civility, suckaz!

Reich uses immigrants as a straw dog to divert attention away from the  economic harm to the middle class caused by the cheap labor lobby's unregulated immigration and unnecessary visa programs. Isn't it even slightly obvious to Reich that the current paradigm of importing workers to the U.S. for decreasing job opportunities and finite, dwindling resources is unsustainable? How many different times and ways can the economist's economist hammer these stupid middle class educated Americans about the economic wonders of importing people to take jobs American citizens can do when they need them? What a fu*#ing brilliant idea! And if Americans aren't smart enough to look back over the past two decades and see how well that whole thing worked out, what good are they?

Robert Reich consistently writes like he is the indomitable One Big Money Party's go-to guy for putting the academic techno-gloss on the Great Labor Shortage Myth pig. Reading Robert Reich's anti-American citizen middle class propaganda output is like wallowing around a medical toxic waste dump, where he presides over a two decade old steaming heap of U.S. job killing, economist-speak garbage that fooled the plebes up until the last bubble where swine from sea to sea cashed in not on innovative output but by killing jobs for educated American citizens. Who pays this guy and how many ready to plumb stock options is he sitting on from Wall Street's venture capital neo-fat boy technocracy portfolio to spew such toxic waste? (When does HuffPo and hangers on pull up to the IPO trough?)

But we'll always have Reich, to head this All Star Caste to Omit Solutions for Getting Americans Back to Work and bash American boomers with bad branding and scornful buzz about entitlement (what the hell do THEY deserve, their social security and Medicare? Who do they think they are?) Why doesn't Reich drag out the hogs who rigged the deregulation and cheap labor lobby levers, continue to stash their cash in the Caymans and other offshore “investments” and rig the stock option payday paper for all this innovate, “green” vaporware and social media “solutions” that produce job nada for U.S. citizens? And how about tapping into the infinite, endless billions of military occupation and war spending to pay for all these whiny boomers who can't possibly afford Obama's mandated, cost-prohibitive insurance mafia plan?

Nah. That would bring sustainability and civility to U.S. local economies and restore America's middle class, when the portfolio class wants to cash out very, very quickly at the trough in what may be Empire's last bubble. What Is Hip.

Party on, plebes!



Red "Vivian" Oak said...

'Cause ill-paid skilled and unskilled immigrant workers want nothing more from this life than to have their shabby wages taxed to kingdom come to support a bunch of aging Boomers to whom they have no ties of kinship, history or culture. I mean, why else do they pour into First World countries if not for the privilege of propping up somebody else's Ponzi scheme. Hell, I'm sure that's why my ancestors came!

And nothing says "prosperous economy that can afford to maintain expensive entitlement programs" like "how loooow can you go" wages. I guess somebody forgot to tell Reich that European social-market economies have *high* wage levels.

But hey, for a guy who appears to sincerely believe that all the construction work in this country is owned by native-born white guys, Reich could be even crazier and out of touch than he is!

He made me think of a funny comment somebody left over at Mish's Economic Analysis the other day, about economists in general:

To the tune of "You give love a bad name"

Shot through the wallet
and you're to blame
You give science
A bad name

2Truthy said...

Red "Lickprivick" Oak,

Where does the ponzi scheme end? How low do we go down the limbo pole to scour the globe for all those "best and brightest" other people's students and workers?

At the rate these desperate, self-described thought leaders and economic experts from the hallowed halls of academia are spinning the "Americans aren't smart or educated enough" meme, I won't be surprised to see Somalian pirates pulling in here next to study (courtesy US taxpayer subsidy dime) macroeconomics at UC Berkeley and
gastroenterology at Duke Medical to help us "rebuild" and staff our service economy.

That commenter to the tune of "You give love a bad name" is too funny. Coincidentally, I was going to name this post "You give bullshit a bad name" (in honor of the esteemed economist.)