Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UK Backs Immigration Cap Proposal

London Calling
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A powerful UK business lobby has proposed a cap on immigration. Are UK “conservative” business leaders beginning to develop a conscience? In a move to put UK citizens back to work, a proposal to restrict immigration was announced today as a majority of its citizenry figured out that unregulated immigration and labor visa abuses are directly responsible for startling high and rising local unemployment levels amongst their citizenry. They are now backing several business leaders who are promising to “impose an annual limit on the numbers of non-EU economic migrants allowed to work in Britain.” Could U.S. politicians take note come mid-term elections?

Conservative vs. liberal means nothing when it comes to putting Americans back to work. Talk about the Clash...“Power to the People” used to be a slogan exclusive to America's liberal domain. Want to end unemployment and underemployment for U.S. citizens? The left/right, liberal/conservative paradigm is meaningless when it comes to hiring Americans first and building sustainable, local economies in the United States, and both sides need to come together in November to vote the neo-frat boy corporate state's enablers out.

Harry Reid says today that immigration reform is not on the agenda this work period, leaving some to speculate that he will roll it out late summer to rally the Latino voting bloc for it just in time for November's mid-term elections.Maybe the Dems can promote a humane bill by then, one that both addresses human rights concerns and stems corporate  visa abuses responsible for U.S. skyrocketing rates of unemployment.

Hello, Harry! London calling...anybody home?

Party on, plebes!



Red "Cameron" Oak said...

The Conservative proposal is completely cynical, meant only to pull the wool over on gullible voters. They will do f***-all about excessive immigration if they win the election.

Even if they were to curb "non-EU" entry, EU citizens are still free to pour in by the hundreds of thousands if they so desire, and furthermore lax immigration enforcement in other EU countries means that millions of non-EU chancers can still finagle right-to-reside in the EU, and thus in Britain. 'Tis all talk, and, just like us, the Brits will get exactly what they deserve if they continue to tolerate this crap from their "leaders".

Melvin Toast said...

Let's hear it for Senator Pearce and all those who voted (finally) for tough, simple, common sense immigration laws in Arizona.

And let's hope we are not merely counting down the days until the National Guard shows up and escorts a group of "frightened" illegal Mexicans to their job of cleaning out John McCain's swimming pool.

2Truthy said...

Red "Grosiert" Oak,

I know. But "UK Backs Immigration Cap Proposal" makes an irresistible soundbite.

And the Yugoslavs and gypsies will pour in like there's 'no tomorra' of course, to pick up any slack that the non-EU contingent thought they had dibs on. Then, when the natives become increasingly restless and start hurling their bangers and mash at their EU, infiltrating brethren, the Conservatives will have their fun saying "we told you so" and maybe even pick up a few votes. And the band played on with the Insufferable Class's favorite song: Divide and Conquer.

2Truthy said...


The law and order part of me says that illegal immigration is bad, but for some reason, I don't care. Framing humans through the legal vs. illegal prism for being kicked off their farms trying to eat and sneak over here tugs on the liberal side of my strings. Mexicans coming across the US border because US corporate and Mexican elites WANT it this way, yes, that's wrong and this is what should be reformed. I'll have to check out Pearce's take on common sense immigration laws.

Why is it 'legal' for Indians to come here and take US white collar jobs, and 'illegal' for Mexicans to come here and take blue collar jobs? The end result is the same, and the US corporate sponsored cheap labor lobby is to blame.

John said...

The British situation is very different from that in the US. At 600 people to the square mile we have only about half an acre of usable ground per person. See The benefits of immigration to the UK economy. If the size of your estate measures your wealth then 10% more people makes an Englishman 10% poorer.