Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Battle Between Humans and Baboons and Lost iPhones

 (Photo of friendly OTHER Steve)

A baboon tries to work out how to use a stolen cell phone, calls up “Steve Jobs.”

Yo! Steve. I got your iPhone.
You want WHAT?
Fu*k ME?
Fu*k YOU. Send over forty eight Dominoes Sausage Pizzas and maybe I'll think about it.

(Later that day, baboon found dead on crowded sidewalk after lethal fall from balcony.)

Breaking News

Cape Town, South Africa – Much like the United States and elsewhere, as natural habitats disappear in South Africa, baboons and humans are increasingly coming into close contact, and conflict:

In South Africa's Cape Peninsula there has been a large-scale transformation of wild baboons' natural habitat into land for housing, industry and agriculture, according to the University of Cape Town Baboon Research Unit.”

Clear around the world, inside Silicon Valley's pubby hamlet of a Redwood City German beer hall, rising star Apple engineer Gray Powell experiences a strikingly similar, close encounter with a very angry boss who is more than conflicted over a stolen next generation prototype of a cell phone that Powell lost. Read more here.


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