Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Minute-by-Minute, the Qatari Shoe Bomber Who Wasn't": The Atlantic Meets Mel Toast

A “Why Mel Toast Gives a Flying F*#k” About Airline Smoking “Diplomat”

(Mel Toast partial commentary cross-posted here in the Atlantic.)

Why must this writer apologize for this cretinous thug?

If a white, American male from Georgia lit up in blatant and flagrant violation of federal law, you can be sure "Mr. Fisher" would have mercilessly vilified the hapless Southerner. Of course, he would have deserved it, being Christian and being from the South and all.

But this fine, upstanding young "diplomat" from a Muslim country? God (or Allah) forbid that we should offend our future masters as they break and defy our airline safety rules. God forbid that some spineless liberal columnist might finally figure it out, find a pair, and write two words in defense of this country’s attempt to fight a villainous Muslim enemy both domestically and abroad.

But no. It’s our fault. It’s always “our” fault. White, male Americans = Bad. Any other color, any other nationality, any other religion or slice of some obscure ethnic enclave from a 300-year-old cave in Dagestan = Good.

Anyone see that obtuse, overfed and angry Roland Martin on CNN last night trying to depict Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as a racist because he issued a proclamation honoring Confederate soldiers? His vicious race-baiting nearly induced a stroke. How many Confederate soldiers actually OWNED slaves for cryin’ out loud? (For that matter, how many U.S. PRESIDENTS owned slaves?) But let’s look at another example.

Have you read about this new “play” appearing in Texas this week? Read about it here. The main idea: Jesus is gay. Imagine the uproar over a “Gay Mohammed” play.

Christians (white Christians, of course,) are being asked to roll over and play dead.

I am Christian in name only but give me a Christian, snake-handling Congregationalist any day over some “secular humanist” for they are the ones who are sacrificing their lives and visiting the necessary defenses upon the real Muslim enemy. At least until the Muslim-sympathizing Obama cuts off their oxygen—and their ammunition.

The secular apologists have joined the enemy. They are collaborators. Enablers.
A new book by Paul Berman deals with the contemporary Western liberal assault on one of the finest achievements of liberal European thought—The Enlightenment.

Intellectuals today are afraid. Afraid of losing their jobs or even their lives by telling the truth. They once rallied around Salman Rushdie after Khomeini’s “fatwah” or death sentence against him.

But no such defense is offered to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a courageous and brilliant woman who is being systematically maligned by the Muslim PR machine and their liberal think tank enablers.

Read an excellent review of Berman’s book here. Stem the tide of darkness. Fight the good fight.

Do not allow the “light” to go out of the Enlightenment forever.


Mel Toast

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2Truthy said...

Mel, the main point of this story is not one of religion but of neo-global elitism and caste. Why is this guy not held to our airline passenger safety laws that the rest of us have to follow?

How did he even get matches or a lighter past security when all media reports say it is beefed up? 'Yes', you would say, it IS beefed up only against 'Christians" but if you substitute the word "American" for Christian, you'll see that this is not a religious problem but an economic class problem.

As for his shoe comments, lousy sense of humor? The arrogant disregard for our laws and exemption from them by our authorities should be of concern for every journalist (with a pair).