Monday, April 26, 2010

South Park Censorshipgate: Spooky Stuff and Intrigue Surround the Prophet Mo'

(Cartoon credits/special thanks Chris Muir)

 South Park's Censorshipgate

Why did Mo' have to go?  Whose free-speech rights in America risk censorship?

Who are the evil doer fighters behind the scenes of the tightly orchestrated outrage of South Park's Censorshipgate unfolding drama that enlisted a Seattle cartoonist to magically pick up the gauntlet and defend our nation's greatest treasure, free-speech comedy and inspire Everybody Draw Mohammed Day May 20?

Special thanks to Scott Creighton, who explores behind the scenes at American Everyman here.

Of course, lousy ratings over at South Park might be an even more crass explanation for Comedy Central's shocking censorship of Mo'. Nah. Too boring.

Party on, plebes!



Beevis said...

I think it was Mel Brooks or Jesus who once said, "Let the one without free-speech cast the first one-liner."

Melvin Toast said...

GREAT cartoon!!

2Truthy said...

"And a high chair for my wife" LOL!