Thursday, April 8, 2010

John Kass Hits a Homer: RhamBama Strikes OUT!

"Com-In-Ski. Yeah, OK. I got it."
-Barack "South Side Kid" Obama

Throw the Bum OUT!

Take him out of Comiskey
Take him out of the park
Buy him some brie and a glass of Plumpjack-
I don't care if he EVER comes back!

For it's boo, boo, BOO for Obama
The poseur “forgot” the park's name
For it's NOT
'Com-in-ski Field'
OR Wrigley Park
You struck out
Of the game!

Striking Out News

Chicago – Does Barack Obama appear to be making it all up as he goes along? Get over yourselves!

It's old news, but the Chicago Tribune's John Kass hits it out of the park in his wickedly good column about Obama’s strikingly poseurish, most notably off-teleprompter interview (see video above) with Washington Nationals announcer Rob Dibble about his self-professed, alleged love for baseball and being Chicago's South Side White Sox Number 1 fan. It's true. He swings like a girl!

Why are native Chicagoans who spent many a Sunday at White Sox Park nee Comiskey Park (as yours truly) smelling a foul ball when it comes to the self-described “South Side Kid” (haha) flubbing each turn at the bat? Kass's article credits Obama's hit and miss on...guess who? Voo-Doo Zombie Rahm Emanuel!

Yes, it's Rahm!

But could Obama name one – even one baseball player he liked when asked to name just one player he liked while growing up? Nah. Did he swoon over Wrigley Field, exuding preference for the swooshy North Side team's scene instead? Oh yeah...

Ouch,” Kass writes. “The silence between the stammers was excruciating. America’s No. 1 Sox fan couldn’t name one Sox player.”

More strikes ensue:

When I moved to Chicago,” Obama told Dibble, “I was living close to what was then Cominskey Park and went to a couple of games and just fell in love with it.”

Kass queries:

What's that? Come-in-ski? Is that how Obama invites the Russian foreign minister into the Oval Office during a diplomatic crisis?”

About that sipping-some-swill thing, Kass adds:

Naturally, Obama's flubs drove sports bloggers crazy and then the Republicans and conservatives jumped on. And Cubs fans like my young friend Wings became upset because of that "sipping their wine" crack.
"Hey, I'm a Cubs fan and I can name more Sox players than the president," said Wings. "And I bet I've been to ‘Cominskey' more than he has too."

If Sarah Palin deservedly holds the crown as Queen of the Teabaggers, is Obama King of the Fleabaggers? Blame it ALL on Rahm?

Play ball, plebes!


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