Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Everybody Draw Pro Mo' Day'


Seattle -- A cartoonist has declared 'Everybody Draw Day' in response to the recent fatwa issued against our friends at South Park by a shadowy (yet very approachable, easy to interview)  muslim group based in, of all shadowy places - Brooklyn! As a result, Comedy Central "folded" to the treacherous threat by  blacking out the original "offensive" content.

Faux outrage later ensued, from everyone including the left's Jon Stewart to Michelle Malkin on the right to the dreaded muslim group  in Corporate Comedy Central's ingenious plot to show non-elitist, middle class America they can censor  anybody to ostensibly "protect them" in this war against terra (including their own two high profile, wealthy writers)  while outing the ever elusive religious figure  at the same time! 

And since wealthy muslims are donating to Congress in record numbers faster than you can say pass the Persian and Pakistani peas, please,  this whole  faux outrage censorship show from Comedy Central's paymasters couldn't be more timely. Either that or, there is really is some demented, dangerous extremist muslim group in Brooklyn with an easy going sense of humor (refer to Gawker's Triscuits reference) who really just wants to do deadly harm to Americans. Who knows?

And who is backing this not-so-stealth, Brooklyn muslim group to issue such a high-profile fatwa against the very wealthy, high profile cartoon comedy team? (Maybe Gawker can shine more light on this war against the cracker, haha, until cartoon day rolls around.)

Sharpen your drawing pencils, plebes!



Melvin Toast said...

This is FANTASTIC! This woman deserves a prize for this innovative and provocative project. Let's pull the muzzies out of the Dark Ages -- once and for all. Have a little fun with your religious myths. The Christians and the Jews have been doing so for centuries

2Truthy said...

Agreed: NO group or person shall remain unscathed according to South Park's Golden Rule, never mind this latest episode from our corporate sponsors in CENSORSHIP.

More important, who IS this prize-winning deserving woman to *singlehandedly* and ALONE take the Dark Age Dwellers on in response to the sudden emergence of the stealth Brooklyn group? Spooky.

Melvin said...

I take that back, good people.

It seems as though young, impressionable "Molly," the cartoonist from Seattle, is not willing to go through with her defense of freedom of speech.

And what one of us in all of our Western culture-destroying glory could blame her?

She fears Muslim retribution. And we must remember that Muslims are to respected--and feared--above all other religious adherents.

Meanwhile, here is a youthful (and conservative) look at the problem from Ross Douthat of The New York Times.