Monday, April 5, 2010

Constance McMillan Case Looking More Like MEAN GIRLS Sequel?

"Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Girls Alone!"

Is Constance McMillan's case against her high-school's ban on same-sex prom attendance (see LWOH report here) looking more and more like a sequel to MEAN GIRLS, or what?

A new report explains that the Mississippi teen thought the worst might have been over after her high school agreed to hold a private dance at the local Country Club on Friday night. But when McMillan and her date arrived, they found only seven other students. Her ACLU legal counsel noted there was “another event out in the country” taking place at the same time, and that they would determine whether this was a “decoy or sham prom.” 

"It would be deeply troubling if that turns out to be the case since the fact that this prom was occurring was one reason the judge did not force the school district to reinstate its original event," the ACLU added. "All Constance has ever wanted was to be treated with equality and dignity and to be able to be herself, and this latest event, if it is as it appears to be, is a sad and unfortunate insult added to too many previous injuries.”

Quick. Somebody call Alan Shore.

In the meantime, celebrity talk show host Ellen Degeneres recently had McMillan on her show and gave her a $30,000 check towards a scholarship for the student. The money is from a company called, described as "a digital media company dedicated to promoting the good that happens each day around the world." also offered McMillan a summer internship in New York City.

Go Ellen!



JohnDiddler said...

oh hi
it's amazing how large(minded) constance proved to be and how small(minded) her town proved to be.
it also struck me as a "southern" sort of backstab/scam, from the people who brought us blue laws and literacy testing.
- mcfnord

2Truthy said...


Old Yank that I am, I had to revisit Jim Crow laws and literacy testing history to fully appreciate the weight of your comment. McMillan's case is sure to establish precedent and bring new meaning to women's suffrage.

When it comes to denying the individual rights of a person's sexual orientation, this special brand of hypocrisy is notorious. Some of the same So. Baptists who would discriminate towards McMillan are the same bunch who are closet homos, etc.
Ach. Time for it to go, along with the creepy, predatory priests and pols.