Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blood for No Oil: Roll Away the Dew

Phil Lesh Sings Franklin's Tower

Roll away... the dew . . .

God help the child who rings that bell
It may have one good ring left, you can't tell
One watch by night, one watch by day
If you get confused just listen to the music play

Roll away... the dew . . .

Some come to laugh their past away
Some come to make it just one more day
Whichever way your pleasure tends
if you plant ice you're gonna harvest wind

-Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia
The Grateful Dead

New Orleans – What a mess. Look at what is happening to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Does anyone care? One environmentalist explains:

Oil spills are extremely harmful to marine life when they occur and often for years or even decades later," said Jacqueline Savitz, a marine scientist and climate campaign director at Oceana, an environmental group. She said spills could coat sea birds and limit their flying ability and damage fisheries by injuring marine organism's systems related to respiration, vision and reproduction.
Savitz said that the Gulf of Mexico is host to four species of endangered sea turtles and bluefin tuna, snapper and grouper. "Each of these can be affected," she said. "Turtles have to come to the surface to breathe and can be coated with oil or may swallow it." And, she added, the Gulf is one of only two nurseries for bluefin tuna, more than 90 percent of which return to their place of birth to spawn.”

Hellllo, Drill Baby Drillers Sarah Palin and Barack Obama...All for the profits of a few:

The growing spill also threatened to churn political waters as lawmakers weigh what buffer zones to establish between rigs and shorelines in the wake of President Obama's decision to open up new regions to offshore drilling. It could also alter details of a climate bill that three leading senators were trying to restart after postponing plans for a rollout that would have featured leading oil company executives.
The Deepwater Horizon, owned by Transocean and leased to BP, caught fire April 20 after an explosion and sank. Eleven oil rig workers are missing and presumed dead.”

Cap and trade. Offshore U.S. drilling. Mandated insurance nobody can afford. Legalized U.S. job stealing and slavery. Mandated “ homeowner retrofitting” to sustain a few boars at the IPO trough... Yeah, right. These bills and laws are meant to protect who again? This latest Gulf disaster brings new meaning to the term Blood For No Oil (h/t Greg Palast.) 
So much for labor and oil SUSTAINABILITY in the USA.

Screw the sea turtles. And America's middle class. We've got an insufferable One Big Money Party of self-appointed “thought leaders” to sustain!

Party on, plebes!


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